Aperçu de l'extension du Grimaldi Forum © Grimaldi-Forum-Monaco-2022Overview of the Grimaldi Forum extension © Grimaldi-Forum-Monaco-2022

Nearly 6,000 square meters of additional space. Monaco ‘s Grimaldi Forum

will see its exhibition capacity increase by 50% within two and a half years, 25 years after its opening in 2000. By 2025, the Monaco convention center, which hosts some 100 events and 250,000 visitors a year, will have 41,000 square meters of indoor space, up from the current 35,000 square meters, with an additional 2,000 square meters of landscaped outdoor space. While the Grimaldi Forum currently has three auditoriums and seven spaces, this extension will increase the number of exhibition-restoration spaces to ten by 2025, while the number of sub-commission rooms will increase to 40, compared to 22 today.

Based on multi-purpose and modular spaces, this extension will further increase the range of possibilities for professional meetings in Monaco. Connected to the current building by a direct link to the Diaghilev exhibition hall, this anticipated development is divided into three zones, starting with the 1,031 m2 Diaghilev Gallery, which will be able to accommodate nearly 370 m2 of stand space.

With an independent exterior entrance on the sea side, the extension is completed, still on the sea side and alongside the current building, by the Carré and the Salles du Patio. These daylight spaces, of nearly 1,500 m2, will be able to accommodate either stands or be divided into eight meeting rooms for 376 people in theater format. The capacity for meetings and conferences will also be increased with the Pine Grove Hall, which can accommodate up to 10 modular meeting rooms, each of which can accommodate 80 people in theater format. With a surface area of 3,180 m2, this hall is also suitable for setting up stands, but especially for large-scale gala dinners. In catering configuration, the venue can accommodate up to 1,650 seated guests.

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In terms of events, the Grimaldi Forum takes advantage of its location on the shores of the Mediterranean to offer outdoor spaces with a view, in particular the future 585 m2 Ravel terrace. The new 100 m2 Indigo terrace, a 335 m2 patio and a 375 m2 covered patio will also be built, as well as the 600 m2 Emerald square, where the extension’s independent entrance will be located.

This major development is part of the creation of a new eco-district, Mareterra. A project launched by the Monegasque government that will see the construction of a marina, housing, shops and restaurants on a 6-hectare site punctuated by pine forests and green spaces. An environment in line with the sustainable ambitions of the Grimaldi Forum. Certified ISO 14001 dep

ince 2008, the convention center has had 1,500 photovoltaic panels to supply energy to the surrounding buildings and, soon, to this new district.