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It’s official since September 15: Bird Office is expanding its toolbox for the MICE market. Its partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation now enables it to offer organisers a brand new carbon emission calculator. The aim is to calculate the exact environmental impact of each event, with the help of an algorithm. All this is done by adapting to the event sector the methodology developed by the GoodPlanet Foundation, itself based on data provided by ADEME.

Bird Office (DR)Among the many criteria taken into account by the new tool are the number of participants, the duration of the event, the type of catering and whether or not equipment such as air conditioners or overhead projectors are used. The new calculator launched by Bird Office also includes a section dedicated to virtual events. In addition to the criteria related to the duration and number of participants, it includes, for example, the storage of the event in the cloud, emails with attachments and the delivery of boxes to guests’ homes.

Assessing and measuring the carbon footprint of each event

The implementation of an industry-specific calculator allows us to assess and measure the carbon footprint of each event. Our customers can then offset the carbon footprint of events organized from our platform and take concrete action by financing field projects supported by the Foundation,” says Bird Office management. Indeed, beyond simple calculation, the idea behind Bird Office and the GoodPlanet Foundation is to have a positive impact on the environment. ” Bird Office, the leader in small meetings in France, is the first company to offer its clients the opportunity to contribute to the carbon neutrality of their events, thanks to its partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation,” says Bird Office’s management.

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Florian Guillemin