Paris will always be Paris. The end of year celebrations are approaching. You want rhinestones, sequins, feathers, fantasy and Parisian magic. To forget this dull year, this anxious period. It’s when you leave Paris that you realize how irreplaceable the capital is, so bubbling and so magical. Especially at this time of year! And we understand why it attracts so many tourists from all over the world. So it’s probably time to rediscover Paris, to live and feel like a tourist in Paname. What better way to do this than to treat yourself to an evening in the most mythical of Parisian cabarets, the Lido, on the Champs-Elysées.

An all-ages show for this Lido show

We were there a few weeks ago, on the occasion of its reopening. First observation: the cabaret is sold out, and the clientele is very varied, young -and this is also a surprise- and very cosmopolitan. Proof that the address never ceases to make all generations dream. Music! The Lido has completely redesigned its pre-show to celebrate this anniversary and become in a way more accessible to the public. A pleasant evening in perspective awaits us with this great evening in this unique and legendary place of concerts and shows. For you are in a burlesque cabaret in the French capital. Between breathtaking acrobatics, burlesque show, the cabaret atmosphere of this lively and sexy show is felt on the seine. The Parisian show offers a rare entertainment in the capital with a troop of dancers, transformists, magician and acrobats between rhinestones and sequins.

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A new LIDO show

The evening show offers an appreciable enchantment. Because undoubtedly it is spectacular. In the Parisian nights, this friendly show offers a breathtaking entertainment. The atmosphere is warm and friendly during this unforgettable evening in the city of light. For one evening, the intimate cabaret show features a ballet of sublime dancers between rhinestones and sequins. Worthy of the great Parisian cabarets on the most beautiful avenue in the world, the cabaret restaurant offers a festive atmosphere with aperitif. The dance party can begin while a beautiful starter is brought to us. Something to delight the taste buds of the guests.

Artists on stage

A few minutes after our arrival, we are invited to join the dance floor, on the front of the stage, alongside the master of ceremony, the Bluebells and the Boys who open the show. This invitation surprised us a bit at first. But after many

s months of pandemic, restrictions of all kinds, letting go on a dance floor in such a mythical place is not to be refused. An immersive experience really saving and amazing with this glamorous cabaret show.

An unforgettable experience

Videos projected on giant screens allow us to go backstage in the Parisian cabaret, to discover the backstage with the rehearsals, the preparation of the costumes, the make-up sessions etc. After a short hour of pre-show, the show begins. Special effects, cocktails, dances, fairytale choreographies will allow you to enjoy the famous cabaret. The new show is sumptuous for this cabaret evening where burlesque dances follow one another.

The enchantment of a legendary showroom

On the

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occasion of its 75th anniversary this year, the Lido decided to represent its most beautiful shows. This new revue “Paris Merveilles” is signed by Franco Dragogne, a director who has also collaborated with Cirque du

Soleil. The show takes and adapts 7 of the most beautiful numbers of 5 different revues: Panache, Cocorico, Bravissimo, C’est magique, and Allez le Lido. It is easy to understand why tourists from all over the world sometimes book months in advance to be in the front row. We too were won over! The show lasts almost an hour and a half and is full of footwork, swaying, bodies and dreamy scenery. Then comes the famous French cancan during this dinner show! The proof in pictures in this great cabaret. The music hall is transformed by the choreography on stage, offering breathtaking shows.


Dinner and

show restaurant

: from 195 euros per person


hesitate. The meal that accompanies the show is very good value for money.


Starter: Duck foie gras with fig confit clafoutis and pistachio slivers or Back of salmon gravelax, carrot pickles, coloured radishes and pomegranate coulis or Large prawns with grilled sesame oil, seaweed salad and soya sprouts or Pumpkin soup, mushroom royale with cashew nuts (vegetarian / gluten free)

Main course: Piece of veal with violet mustard, dried fruit polenta and braised beetroot or Roasted cod with turmeric and coconut, coral lentils with baby vegetables and caramelized onions or Duckling fillet, honey and Timult pepper sauce, salsify au jus and stuffed shallot or Truffle risotto (vegetarian)

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Dessert: Milk chocolate and Piedmont hazelnut crisp finger or Exotic flavoured half-sphere or Pear-vanilla macaroon or Pineapple and coconut sweetness (lactose/gluten free)

Drinks: A glass of Brut 1er cru champagne or A half bottle of wine.

To know everything about the history of the Lido:

A beautiful book to offer in this Christmas period:

Lido, plumes, strass et émotions<img src=”image/gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAIAAAAAAAP//yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7″ alt=”Lido, plumes, strass and emotions” data-src=”×1024.png” />Lido, plumes, strass and emotions

Lido, Plumes, Strass and emotions , by Sonia Rachline . Editions Flammarion

Discover the visuals

Réception Grégory MairetRéception Grégory MairetReception Spectacle LidoSpectacle LidoLido show Chorégraphie féérique DP : Grégory MairetChorégraphie féérique DP : Grégory MairetFairytale choreography Un show époustouflant au LIDO DP : MairetUn show époustouflant au LIDO DP : MairetA stunning show at LIDO Danseuses DP : LabarrèreDanseuses DP : LabarrèreLido dancers Scène finale DP : Gregory Mairet<img width=”1024″ height=”682″ src=”image/svg+xml,” alt=”Final scene DP: Gregory Mairet” data-src=”×682.jpg” />Final scene Danseurs et acrobates DP : LabarrèreDanseurs et acrobates DP : LabarrèreDancers and acrobats Traditions et french cancan au Lido DP : Julien BenhamouTraditions et french cancan au Lido DP : Julien BenhamouTraditions and french cancan at the Lido