DRWith Ready to Fly, travelers can send their health documents to LATAM via WhatsApp.

Although travel formalities

are becoming

less complicated in various business destinations, health documents are still essential for international business trips. Airlines continue to work on simplifying the process, especially through new technologies. LATAM has just launched the “Ready to Fly” tool, a name already chosen by Air

France for an equivalent service, to be launched in the summer of 2021, even though the two solutions have no connection.

LATAM intends to simplify and accelerate the process of verifying health documents, including COVID-19 test or vaccination certificates. Business travelers can send these items to the airline via WhatsApp ahead of their flight, from 6 to 48 hours before takeoff. The Latin American carrier thus checks the eligibility of travelers, for a smoother airport journey, but also to avoid unpleasant surprises at boarding

This new feature is added to the various tools made available to passengers by the group, intended to improve their travel experience, reduce their pre-flight procedures and optimize their time at the airport

,” said Paulo Miranda, Vice President of Customer Service of LATAM Airlines group

Florian Guillemin