Schiphol airport congestion this May (Photo: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport)

Faced with the congestion of Amsterdam Schiphol airport with the Ascension weekend, the Dutch airline KLM announced Thursday, May 26 that it would largely suspend ticket sales for all flights departing from Schiphol airport until Monday, May 30. The airport is facing long queues for security clearance due to the lack of staff.

The queues at Schiphol

, the third busiest airport in Europe, have grown in recent weeks. The queues have stretched out into the street, forcing travellers to wait for hours to pass through security checks. With many passengers missing their flight.

KLM suspends ticket sales for three days

The national carrier KLM has therefore taken drastic decisions. ” KLM is suspending ticket sales for flights departing until Sunday inclusive, as Schiphol is unable to resolve its security problems

,” said Gerrie Brand, spokesman for KLM to the Reuters news agency.

The cap on ticket sales is thus necessary to meet the needs of those who had missed their flight because of the chaos at Schiphol. Passengers who missed their flight due to the congestion at the airport, can be rebooked on flights departing within three days.

However, this measure does not affect the sale of tickets including a connection in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Schiphol’s management has announced plans to recruit more security staff before the summer vacations. According to a statement, a temporary regulation will also freeze slots. Slots held by the incumbent airlines and not used will not be redistributed to other carriers.

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The measure should reduce the number of movements. The new rules apply from June 1 to August 28 and will allow for better planning.

The airport authority also wants to transfer some flights to regional airports in the Netherlands such as Rotterdam or Eindhoven. And push for the hiring of new staff -including with higher salaries.