I’m taking you to the beautiful Kempinski Hotel Bahia in Spain where I was recently last August. Luxurious, relaxing and elegant, this is truly the kind of eldorado I enjoy. This is definitely one of Kempinski’s best hotels in Spain!

After a dawn flight, it was a pleasure to be greeted by a smiling member of the Kempinski Bahia team. I was met at the arrivals area of Malaga airport. I jumped into the Kempinski Mercedes minivan and immediately felt at home in the southern Spanish heat. There were fresh bottles of water, plenty of things to read and upbeat music. Málaga airport is only a 45 minute drive from Estepona, where the hotel is located… And you know if the pick up is that good, the hotel will be great! In general, this is a good indicator.

The Kempinski Hotel Bahia in Spain

I was familiar with the Kempinski brand, which I had tested on a press trip to Doha. A sumptuous hotel where the reception had cooled me down a bit. But well, let’s skip that detail. So I set off to discover this European hotel with my eyes wide open.

And if I tell you that the road was exquisite, you will be angry. But it was. It took us through mountainous landscapes while keeping a view on the sea. Like the hotel in Doha, the driveway leading us to the Kempinski Bahia Hotel looked extremely grand, well maintained. We were greeted by dedicated staff as we made our way to the luxury hotel. Upon entering, the effect was immediate. Giant wicker chairs are scattered here and there, lush green plants dominate the space. The refinement is felt immediately. Two of theboutique hotel ‘s resident parrots were in full discussion.

A sumptuous lobby

Upon entering the newly renovated lobby, what blows you away is the grandeur of the space! It is beautiful and functional, refined and cosy. Time to check in and I headed to my double room. This was my chance to explore all the nooks and crannies of this palace in Spain: its beautiful pools, the relaxing spa, the beach and of course all the delicious restaurants! Unforgettable experiences in this charming hotel with spacious rooms. A tropical garden offers you a beautiful view for this break. With a breathtaking view of the coast.

Many activities to do

The Kempinski Bahia Hotel encourages you to take part in a variety of activities, including excursions to the beach and to the sea.The hotel offers something for everyone, including boat trips, golf, water sports and visits to cities such as Ronda, Cordoba and Granada. The boutique hotel offers something for everyone. So here’s what you can expect from a stay at the Kempinski Hotel Bahía Beach Resort & Spa. This Kempinski Estepona hotel offers pure 5-star luxury. Its neighbours Marbella and Puerto Banús may have certain preconceptions, but this spa hotel is a far cry from them.

Green with sumptuous gardens

Situated on a quiet beach and close to the charming fishing town of Estepona, my agenda was for once fairly light: lazing around and doing some sightseeing. The resort-hotel is elegant, large and luxurious and with only 128 rooms, it doesn’t feel cramped or crowded. Three outdoor pools (one is heated) are surrounded by lush subtropical gardens. This is probably what I enjoyed most, the green feeling, as if I were staying in a botanical garden!

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Beach on the program

But I can’t not tell you about the incredible spa and fitness center which has an indoor pool, a well-equipped gym, a Finnish sauna, a hammam and a relaxation area. But if you feel like getting out of the hotel and its spa resort, you are only a 15-minute drive from Marbella or Puerto Banús. The Laguna Village shopping complex with its beach club and restaurants is also within walking distance of the hotel. And don’t forget all the beautiful Andalusian towns that are perfect for day trips. There are plenty on the doorstep of this hotel with its fine sandy beaches!

Style and decoration at the Kempinski Hotel Bahia

It’s hard to talk about the style and decor of the hotel without starting with the newly redesigned lobby. This large glamorous space is the beating heart of the hotel. You can eat and drink at the Black Rose next to the reception and the charming concierge area. It’s huge, bold. Not to mention the scent of this great hotel. It’s fresh and soothing. A wonder in itself!

A bright and colourful hotel

The second thing I noticed was the deep blue that covers the walls. It took me back to the Majorelle gardens in Marrakech. Which is not really surprising since the interior designer was very much inspired by his very close neighbors in North Africa. Because on a clear day you can see Gibraltar and the northern tip of Morocco from the beach. The blue embodies the Mediterranean and the beautiful long blue sky days. A unique, brilliant blue that is achieved after five layers. This is a real contrast to the rooms where the atmosphere is totally different, even though they are colourful and elegant. What you feel immediately is the elegance of these fabrics and theuxurious materials. All rooms have balconies and the suites have beautiful terraces.

Rooms and suites

The views of the gardens and the sea are magnificent. The comfortable rooms are spacious and have all the amenities you could need. And just like in Doha, you’ll find daily treats in your room. Which makes you want to go back to the room every night. There is talk of the rooms being renovated, but they are nice and comfortable. If you like a more modern aesthetic, take a look at some of the suites. There are also nods to the local culture and history around the hotel. This is what makes this luxury hotel feel like home. A king-size bed awaits you to stay, you will also find a bathtub, a minibar in this luxury resort.

What’s amazing is the 16th century Almenara watchtower that was built to protect the coast from pirates and invasions. The hotel has brought it back to life and you can hold private events (weddings, dinners) here. But it is really at night when everything is illuminated that the place takes on another dimension. The beauty of this great resort is then revealed. Not forgetting to mention the sumptuous terrace of the del Mar suite. A jacuzzi offers a place of great relaxation.

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Discovering the surroundings

As my program was not dense – for once – I took the opportunity to visit the surroundings while enjoying the multiple activities offered by the hotel. And that’s what I liked about Kempinski Bahia. There are so many things to do… It is definitely one of the best hotels in the area. It is the perfect starting point for many day trips in southern Spain. As well as being so close to Marbella and Puerto Banús. So you can spend your day exploring Granada, Ronda, Gibraltar and Cordoba. But if you get up a little earlier than usual, feel free to go to Cadiz, Jerez or Seville.

You can even organize trips to Tangier in Morocco! Finally I opted for a wonderfully sunny day in the sublime town of Ronda. The roads are very winding to get there, but the views and architecture definitely make up for it! It’s such a beautiful place I’d been to when I tested a luxury train in Spain.

Mediterranean Sea Excursion

Add in a grand lunch and wine tasting at the family owned winery Finca Las Fruitales. If you feel like staying closer to the hotel, take the hotel’s mountain bikes (that’s what they’re there for) and ride along the seafront where a new path stretches for miles and miles! It’s really nice. There are also plenty of water sports to try, and don’t forget the best golf courses nearby either. And don’t forget that the hotel has its own golf expert concierge q

This will help you to access the most exclusive courses.

Did you know that it is possible to see dolphins in this part of the Costa del Sol? We went to the waters of the Costa del Sol with a beautiful sailboat, where we ate on board and sailed under the bright sun in search of them. But I was a bit unlucky as we didn’t spot one, that said, I still enjoyed my hair blowing in the wind as I breathed the sea air!

A wellness area

There is the hotel’s incredible spa. In total, the spa has six luxurious treatment rooms, including the Aqua Spa Suite, which is ideal for couples. There are many treatments, including some with high-end brands NIANCE and Natura Bissé. And I have to admit, I came out of my massage completely zen. You will have the choice among the available treatments: scrubs, wraps, modelling and massage. Everything to enjoy a moment of relaxation highly appreciable.

Restaurants of varying levels

On the restaurant side, there are now three very different dining options at the hotel: Black Rose, Spiler Beach Club and Baltazar Bar and Grill. Between beach bar and restaurants, you’ll have the choice. The tuna ceviche was a highlight! But the highlight was at sunset when people started to reappear freshly dressed to enjoy one of the many cocktails offered by the Black Rose bar. It’s a beautiful space where people seem to gather throughout the day and into the night. Watch the sunset from the terrace while sipping your cocktails and listening to live music.

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Lounge Bar

You’ll find it near the upper pool and the entire front of the restaurant opens up to let the outside in. The aesthetic here is beautiful with the dark green tiles on the wall – you almost feel like you’re completely removed from the hotel! The menu focuses on Spanish ingredients using local and international cooking techniques. The emphasis is on meat, but the night I dined here I had a beautifully cooked sole and the tapas to share included sea bass ceviche, grilled octopus. Just to get a feel for that festive Spanish atmosphere. This was my favorite place to dine in the hotel!

Next, you can head to Baltazar Bar and Grill for dinner. You’ll find it near the upper pool. The place has a crazy aesthetic with a facade that opens up to the outside. Add some dark green tiles on the wall. It offers a different vibe from the luxury hotel.

A colossal breakfast


is served at El Mirador, a beautiful place where I sat on the terrace, enjoying the gardens and the sea view every morning. The Kempinski Bahía has definitely set high standards for its breakfast. There is a whole area just with different fresh juices, fruits and smoothies. There were also plenty of cheeses and hams to try, cereals, yogurts, pastries and a wonderfully stocked bread station. In short a very Spanish breakfast.

Five star luxury


The chef also prepares eggs and omelettes to order. And let’s not forget the Haagen Dazs ice cream parlour by the pool. After all, everyone needs their daily dose of ice cream! All in all, the Kempinksi Hotel Bahía offers 5-star luxury in a quiet seaside location that also puts you in a great spot to explore the rest of Andalusia. There is something for everyone: You can enjoy a completely relaxing holiday with the pools, spa and beach or you can take advantage of the hotel’s ideal location and enjoy one of the many day trips on offer, water sports, golf and more! Unquestionably you will be in a peaceful haven with a terrace.

A big thank you to Kempinksi Hotel Bahía for welcoming me

Discover the visuals

Kempinski Hotel Bahia en Espagne : nuit de rêveKempinski Hotel Bahia en Espagne : nuit de rêveKempinski Hotel Bahia in Spain: dream night Les piscines du Kempinski hôtel BahiaLes piscines du Kempinski hôtel BahiaThe pools at Kempinski Hotel Bahia Accueil au Kempinski Hôtel BahiaAccueil au Kempinski Hôtel BahiaWelcome at Kempinski Hotel Bahia Dans le hall d'entrée du Kempinsky Hôtel BahiaDans le hall d'entrée du Kempinsky Hôtel BahiaIn the lobby of Kempinski Hotel Bahia Salon du Kempinsky hôtel Bahia<img width=”1024″ height=”576″ src=”image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns%3D%22http%3A%2F%2Fwww.w3.org%2F2000%2Fsvg%22%20viewBox%3D%220%200%201024%20576%22%3E%3C%2Fsvg%3E” alt=”Salon du Kempinsky hôtel Bahia” data-src=”https://www.jet-lag-trips.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Kempinski-Hotel-Bahia-en-Espagne-nuit-de-reve5-1024×576.jpg” />Lounge of the Kempinski Hotel Bahia L'espace bibiothèque du Kempinsky hôtel BahiaL'espace bibiothèque du Kempinsky hôtel BahiaThe library area of the Kempinski Hotel Bahia Sur la terrasseSur la terrasseOn the terrace Dans la chambreDans la chambreIn the room In the del Mar suite of the Kempinski Hotel Bahia Dans le spa du Kempinsky HôtelDans le spa du Kempinsky HôtelIn the spa of the Kempinski Hotel L'espace relaxation du resort spa<img width=”1024″ height=”576″ src=”image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns%3D%22http%3A%2F%2Fwww.w3.org%2F2000%2Fsvg%22%20viewBox%3D%220%200%201024%20576%22%3E%3C%2Fsvg%3E” alt=”The relaxation area of the resort spa” data-src=”https://www.jet-lag-trips.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Kempinski-Hotel-Bahia-en-Espagne-nuit-de-reve26-1024×576.jpg” />The relaxation area of the spa resort Au restaurant Au restaurant At the restaurant Des fruits de mer Des fruits de mer Seafood