What: Consumers Want One More Vacation

As Summer Ends,

Although 40% of Americans have already traveled this summer, 60% plan to take at least one more vacation in August, according to a recently released Trendex report from American Express. These travelers are also spending more on summer travel this year (up 35%), and anticipate being more intentional about planning travel as we head into fall.

Why It Matters: Travel Advisors Still Have Time to Plan Summer Bookings for 2021

Consumers are still making up for the time lost due to quarantines and lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, and travel agents should jump at the opportunity to plan last-minute getaways. A shift toward more intentional travel planning in the coming months will also be beneficial for advisors; because 63% of clients plan to schedule time off for a vacation (rather than taking days off without a plan), they’re more likely to seek out the services of a trusted travel planner. Don’t wait for clients to come to your office; now is the time to increase client outreach and marketing.

Eighty percent of respondents feel “hopeful, happy or excited” to return to in-person gatherings or events.
Eighty percent of respondents feel “hopeful, happy or excited” to return to in-person gatherings or events.

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Fast Facts

– The online Amex Trendex poll was conducted earlier this summer, from June 25-28, and surveyed some 2,000 Americans with a household income of at least $70,000 “defined as adults who traveled by air at least once in 2019.”

– There’s a generational divide when it comes to traveling with companions: According to the report, Millennials (57%) and Gen Xers (52%) plan to travel with family, Boomers plan to travel with significant others (52%) and Gen Zers plan to travel with friends (28%).

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– The Trendex report also dug into sentiments regarding returning to the office (81% of working adults feel confident they can be just as productive in a home office as in an office); preparing for the upcoming back-to-school season (80% of parents feel hopeful and excited about a return to the classroom); and more.

– Top travel destinations include Europe (33%); the Caribbean (21%); Asia (6%); and Central and South America (4%).

– The top reasons for traveling include reuniting with family (22%), meeting up with friends (18%), or celebrating an anniversary (8%) or birthday (8%).

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