Trenitalia Roberto Rinaudo announces that Trenitalia will “reinforce the Paris-Lyon routes by scheduling 3 additional daily return trips during the first half of 2022”.

How would you assess Trenitalia’s first steps in France?

Roberto Rinaudo – We have exceeded our launch objectives. This is very good news. Trenitalia has received a very good reception, underlining in particular the very good quality-price ratio of our offer. Our trains are full with 98% of the saleable capacity, knowing that our trains are limited to 80% of their total capacity due to the health crisis. The most booked routes are Paris-Lyon and Paris-Milan, followed by Paris-Turin, Lyon-Milan and Paris-Chambéry. The level of service is also an element that is highly appreciated by our passengers, who are delighted to have a choice of travel options today. Passengers were waiting for a complementary offer.

Are business customers already coming on board?

Roberto Rinaudo – It is too early to say. The Christmas vacations are not representative, and we have to deal with a January penalized by restrictions linked to the pandemic, including the closure of our onboard cater

ing service. Trenitalia distributes a selection of products from our bar to our Business and Executive class passengers when they get off the train. However, we note that the Business class is very popular in January, as is the Executive class, but this only concerns 10 seats in each train. We therefore encourage our passengers to book as soon as possible. We have also registered our first customers for our on-board meeting room, mainly on Paris-Lyon routes as anticipated.

to propose adapted and specific offers to companies with frequent travelers in their workforce

Has Trenitalia already signed corporate agreements with companies and distribution agreements with TMCs?

Roberto Rinaudo – We are not yet specifically targeting this business segment. We have already received a number of requests, and over the next few months we will be working on specific offers for companies with frequent travelers. The objective is to propose the simplest possible offer with a single fare, even if it changes according to demand, and very flexible. For example, our Serenita fare allows you to exchange your ticket as many times as necessary. On the distribution side, Trenitalia already has many partners since we rely on the Trenitalia group network. This allows us to make our offer known to as many people as possible.

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Trenitalia“Our trains are full,” says Roberto Rinaudo, head of Trenitalia.italia France

What is your long-term goal for the division between leisure and business customers?

Roberto Rinaudo – Trenitalia does not think in this way. First of all, because business and leisure customers depend on the route and the period. There are many services that cater to both leisure and business customers, such as free wifi for all, or our Silenzio areas for those who want to rest or work in peace. Allegro is the convivial space for those who travel together, including when you travel with your colleagues. In this context, the meeting room is ideal for business travelers


three additional daily return trips in the first half of 2022

What are the next steps in Trenitalia’s development on this route?

Roberto Rinaudo – The launch stage was fundamental for us. The next step is to strengthen the Paris-Lyon routes by scheduling 3 additional daily return trips in the first half of 2022, so that we can offer 5 daily return trips. One of the criteria for business travelers is undoubtedly frequency. That’s why we are planning this ramp-up. And business travelers can use our trains with peace of mind because all our tickets are flexible.