La Corse, une des destinations incentive les plus prisées aujourd'hui (a) Alain Parinet.Corsica, one of the most popular incentive destinations today (a) Alain Parinet.

Climate change, health crisis, war in Ukraine… So many uncontrollable global elements that have profoundly changed the way we reward our clients and employees with a trip. Yesterday anecdotal and experienced as a constraint, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming an evidence, as confirmed by Laure Dupont-Hury, director of the incentive travel division at Lever de Rideau: ” In the briefings, clients devote an entire page to the environmental and social responsibility dimension. And this goes far beyond carbon offsetting, which was not the case even a year


In this context, trips to the other side of the planet for no real reason are no longer the rewards that dreams are made of. ” Going away has to mean something. Telecommuting has made managers aware of the importance of the human factor: the target group of travelers is broader than before, sometimes involving all the employees of a company,” notes Laurent Ouillet, director of the Autreman group, who also notes another change: ” Clients ask us to include a team building dimension in trips in order to federate the participants. This need for cohesion is new in this type of reward


According to Astrid Boutin, events project manager at Echappée Belle, the groups are now smaller, hardly exceeding 100 people. On the other hand, clients demand that cancellation insurance be included in the contract. The agency is responsible for dealing with service providers if the trip does not take place… The same is true of Lever de Rideau and Destination Plus: more unifying content, meaningful trips, fewer participants who are active rather than passive: these are the new ingredients of these awards.

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Incentive travel focused on France and Europe

Despite the gradual resumption of international flights, incentive travel remains focused on short and medium-haul flights for the time being. “ They remain focused on France, in particular Corsica, and on Europe,” notes Pascal Jeanselme, director of Sport Liberté Evènement. The same is true for an event agency in Marseille, which has recorded a spectacular increase in requests – with very short deadlines – for trips of three to four days, mainly within a few hours of French territory. Monaco, Palma, Ibiza, Malta are thus prized, while in France it is Marseille, Cannes, <a href=”

e-art-vivre-20220124.html” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Bordeaux, Lyon, the Isle of Beauty

and the Var are all popular. Les routes sinueuses de la Serra de Tramuntana sont bordées de villages à flanc de colline, pittoresques, entourés par une nature foisonnante composée d’oliviers, de cyprès, de figuiers, ou d’orangers. Un paysage culturel sublime, et classé à ce titre au patrimoine mondial.On the island of Majorca in the Balearic Islands, the Serra de Tramuntana, a cultural landscape classified as a world heritage site. (a) Alain Parinet

At Lever de Rideau, Laure Dupont-Hury is also witnessing a surge in briefs: “ the need to travel is obvious, with options that were not very present before the health crisis, such as excursions, and the acceptance of conditions that clients would have refused two years


In addition to the classic European destinations, the agency is recording requests for overseas destinations: Polynesia, Reunion, the West Indies, but also for countries such as Taiwan or Indonesia, with Bali in mind. ” These are not postponements, but really new briefs for trips scheduled in 2023

,” says the director of the incentive travel division.

However, the recovery is coming up against logistical problems: some routes no longer exist, flights are overbooked, hotels are booked… All these parameters complicate the mission of the organizers. However, award trips have a future. They are changing, reinventing themselves, with impactful content that takes precedence over the destination itself and, above all, an emphasis on the human dimension

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Three questions to Marie Allantaz, expert travel management consultant

What are the changes in reward travel?

Marie Allantaz – Companies are increasingly demanding guarantees. More generally, what used to be granted as exceptional conditions is becoming a given. On the other hand, in the future, travel will not reward the same things as before. The human factor, for example the attitude towards others or the impact of teamwork, will come into play as well as economic objectives.

Has the choice of destinations also changed?

M.A. – At the moment, the priority is to get the momentum going again and to get everyone back on the same page, so the changes are not yet significant. But, progressively, the choices will be guided by the impact of the environmental and societal approach. Even if this change is not yet obvious, the trend is going in this direction. Thus, the destination will no longer be the only thing that matters.and held for its exoticism, but according to a deeper approach, having a meaning and in adequacy with the DNA of the company.

Are trips to the other side of the world losing their appeal?

M.A. – Postcard destinations such as the Bahamas will no longer necessarily be motivating. The unexpected, such as a bivouac in the middle of nowhere, but also the surpassing of oneself, the return to one’s roots, to different values and to the essential will have more appeal than the antipodes… Rewarding trips will be more focused!