Gentle Fasting at the Gite Les Crocodiles Jaunes. For more than five years, the luxurious gite Les Crocodiles Jaunes has been offering thematic courses of soft fasting and dieting, supervised by a doctor. These wellness stays offer a balanced program between rest, activity, discovery and conviviality. The trainees (8 maximum) discover the Tarn region through short hikes and visits to medieval villages. They participate, according to their choice of course, in yoga, sophrology, meditation, Pilates and art therapy sessions. Would you like to experience a gentle fasting or diet cure at Les Crocodiles Jaunes

gîte? En cure jeûnes doux au gite les crocodiles jaunesEn cure jeûnes doux au gite les crocodiles jaunesIn a gentle fasting cure at the gite les crocodiles jaunes

Why choose Buchinger fasting?

Buchinger Fasting is not a simple water fast with no calories, but a gentle variant that is just as effective. It consists of a daily food intake of about 250 kcal, taken in the form of freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices and vegetable broths, accompanied by plenty of liquids (water, herbal teas, aromatic infusions). Since the “miracle” Otto Buchinger a century ago, it is commonly practiced in Germany where it is prescribed by the medical community and sometimes reimbursed by the public health insurance system. This German physician-philosopher, who was said to be condemned, found his salvation by submitting to a fast. His method has become a worldwide reference in the field and a clinic

run by his family welcomes people from all over the world for regenerating retreats.

Yellow Crocodile cures for whom?

To this question, Bruno Calvet, founder of the Yellow Crocodiles, answers that there are as many reasons to take a cure as there are trainees. For example, he welcomes people who have been in excess and for whom the dietary break, by normalizing the metabolism, will remedy overweight, lack of sleep, overwork. People who are victims of stress, exhaustion, on the road to

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ie of burn-out find inner calm, vitality and a better mood. Other trainees suffering from chronic inflammation see a reduction of their symptoms through fasting. Many of them also come for a moment of serenity and fitness

in a particularly pleasant setting.

A medical supervision and a protocol dedicated to the comfort of the diet

Elodie Pavan, the center’s general practitioner, checks before any registration that there are no contraindications to the practice of fasting

. 8 days before the beginning of their stay, the registrants receive recommendations to begin a phase of “dietary descent” which facilitates the entry into the fasting period. During their stay, they are trained in the principles of balanced nutrition and leave with a nutritional program for the “refeeding phase”.

A stay of relaxation and discovery

Les Crocodiles Jaunes, a 4-star Gîtes de France gîte, is a beautiful and comfortable house of character where trainees can enjoy the swimming pool (in season), the Jacuzzi, the Sauna (24 hours a day) but also the billiard table or the library

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It is located in Castelnau de Montmiral, between Toulouse, Montauban and Albi. Organized by Bruno Calvet, the (gentle) hikes in these Tuscany-like landscapes
and the visits to the medieval towns and villages are an opportunity to discover the treasures of this Pays de Cocagne. Depending on their desires and objectives, participants can enhance their stay with Pilates, yoga

, meditation, sophrology, massages or art therapy.

Who is Bruno Calvet?

After a career in advertising, Bruno discovered fasting and its benefits. Each of his cures changed the course of his life. After one of them, he found his way: he wanted to make the benefits of fasting available to as many people as possible. He then began training in naturopathy, sophrology, and hiking accompaniment and created Les Crocodiles Jaunes. ” If fasting is less popular in France than in Germany, it may be due in part to the attachment of the French to gastronomy! But I see the mentalities evolving and the word of mouth on the benefits of fasting working. I believe, or at least I hope, that in a few years, fasting will be widely used and even encouraged by the medical community

e. The positive feedback from our participants and their loyalty makes me feel good”, comments Bruno Calvet.