Iconic House created by two brothers. Thibaud Elzière and Robin Michel have just founded the first independent collection of private homes, Iconic House. Inspired by a hospitality that revisits the codes of a relaxed luxury, the duo combines houses for rent with high quality hotel services. These “house hotels” are designed by interior designers, managed by house managers and embodied by the local soul and culture.

Iconic House Collections

Thibaud is a true business angle in tech, hospitality and mobility, Robin has been experimenting with new ways of traveling for several years. By founding Iconic House, they disrupt the concept of rental properties by focusing on the “iconic” of a destination, with experiences, concierge services and customized hotel services. They are responding to the desire for a different kind of luxury, without ostentation, where lifestyle and comfort are at the forefront.

Rental properties

Iconic House cannot be compared to any other rental property offer. First, because these houses really belong to the two brothers, but also because each of these exceptional homes has a soul, sublimated by the vision of its owners.

Vacation destinations

Starting in the summer of 2022, the Collection will consist of three exceptional properties in the heart of the most desirable destinations: L’Étoile des Baux in Les Baux-de-Provence, Les Bords du Lac in Hossegor and Le 1550 in Courchevel. Then, within five years, there will be thirty or soaddresses, first in the heart of France and then in Europe, with no doubt a few curiosities, off the beaten track. But each house shares the same hedonistic and demanding vision: exceptional architecture, unique decor, meticulous artwork, XXL space, rare quality of equipment, attentive service, warm atmosphere.

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Iconic house baux de provence

Intimacy in a private house. The comfort and tranquility of a fully private property that allows you to enjoy a sense of total freedom and (true) exclusivity. First class hotel service Included in all accommodations: transfers, daily housekeeping, fresh breakfast served in the morning, welcome drink… A welcome and an experience worthy of a top class hotel: support, assistance and advice.this of the detail, service and attention to detail. A concierge service, preparation of the house and of your arrival, reception, customized follow-up services… completes your Chalet Manager who is at your disposal before and during your stay. This will be your dream home. Exceed your expectations: Offer your children the best equipment in their category to work, relax, play… we miss you, we miss everyone.

Iconic house courchevel

You will be in paradise in a special chalet, very suitable for family vacations, vacations with friends, corporate seminars and events. The sweet home offers an exclusive private chalet, a haven of peace with a breathtaking view of the mountains, six beautiful and comfortable rooms… and more. Inside, you’ll find excellent amenities: VIP transfers, fresh breakfast served in the morning, daily housekeeping, activities… Many include exclusive services and privileges throughout your stay. Environment, energy, local roots, local appreciation… Explore all of Courchevel with ease with our 4×4 Traxter!

Iconic house architecture

Iconic House cannot be compared to any other rental property offer. First, because these houses really belong to the two brothers, but also because each of these exceptional homes has a soul, sublimated by the vision of its owners. They only acquire them on a whim, carefully targeting the potential of each property and the architectural heritage it represents.

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In this dynamic, they do not skimp on the layout or decoration, which they entrust to renowned decorators. For example, in the future villa Les Bords du Lac at
Hossegor, the duo has given carte blanche to Dorothée Delaye.

Iconic House artists

The Collection unveils a program and strong markers in each of the hotel-houses, such as well-thought-out standards and exclusive signature concepts: huge indoor and outdoor common areas for conviviality and sharing, 8 Suites with private bathrooms for intimacy, a Kids Paradise for children or an XXL grocery store as a mini-bar and a library, both of which invite you to discover local producers, craftsmen, writers and artists.

Reception, services, customized services… everything is provided by a House-Manager. Equipped with an excellent address book, just like that of a concierge, he can answer any request. A native of the area, he can create unique and exclusive signature experiences for guests: parachute jumping from a helicopter at 7000 m, ski touring with a star alpinist, driving a snow groomer when the ski slopes are closed, rallying in vintage cars in the Alpilles, immersion in a Camargue bullfighting ring to discover the trade of bull breeders…