Icelandic Adventures at Deplar Farm. At this luxurious wellness and adventure centre, Iceland’s natural beauty will steal the show. Located at the Arctic Circle, this lagoon offers breathtaking scenery. Between hiking and fumaroles, travel through this land of legends between trolls and elves and discover a marvelous guesthouse at the end of a sublime peninsula. Björk’s country is certainly a hymn to nature.

Go on an adventure in Iceland

Deplar Farm ( is surrounded by spectacular cliffs, often covered in snow and ice. It’s a cosy holiday resort deep in the Fljót Valley. This former sheepfold has only 13 comfortable and spacious rooms. Stalactites hang from the balcony and the fire in the fireplace crackles, making it an ideal holiday destination for tourists seeking tranquillity and adventure. Between volcanoes, hot springs, breathtaking northern spaces, black sand beaches, waterfalls, peninsula, hiking, national park, glacier, you will be amazed! You can enjoy the landscapes during a roadtrip.

Splendid landscapes

Because the Icelandic landscapes are sumptuous. Traveling in Iceland, it will be a trip of adventure, a road-trip grandiose which will allow to leave in Iceland on the circular road. Of course, you will have to prepare your tour in Iceland in the Highlands perhaps or make a fabulous crossing. You will have sometimes the impression to be at the end of the world. Between raw nature, open air and majestic landscapes, it will be a trip off the beaten track, a fabulous journey between aurora borealis and change of scenery. The beautiful sites accumulate during an adventure tour. A change of scenery is mandatory with these beautiful geothermal sites. Between geysers and hot springs, you will be sure to discover a grandiose destination.

Holidays in Iceland

You will be able to bathe in hot springs in the middle of nature or discover an ice cave in these forgotten lands with grandiose landscapes. Adventurers will enjoy an adventure tour between beautiful roads and nature trips. Maybe you will be there during the midnight sun which is one of the must see, you should not miss the lakes, the icebergs, the fjords of the west, all these beautiful unforgettable landscapes to see during a customized trip. You will also sometimes have the impression to cross incredible human deserts in the open air.

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Fauna and flora in a raw nature

Between the craters and lava flows that punctuate the landscape, you will want to go all the way around Iceland because it is so fabulous. This land of adventures forces you to be permanently awake. Puffins, whales, seals will be the elements of the

local fauna and flora. But I think what I appreciated most was the total respect for nature on the part of the Icelandic

people. Cover image of video (hq definition)Cover image of video (hq definition)Volcano eruption in Iceland

Travel to Iceland

Inside, comfortable antique leather armchairs stand in stark contrast to the wooden walls, while the bold glass fittings contrast sharply with the table carved from tree trunks. All of this is interrupted by pleasing subtle touches, such as locally mined amethyst and an impressive array of vinyls. Of course, the appeal of the accommodation is to discover the geological wonders of the Icelandic landscape, so knowledgeable local travel guides can plan unusual routes. Reaching this remote retreat is an adventure in itself, but don’t be discouraged as the Narnia-like surroundings are well worth it, the skies are so clear that you can see the Northern Lights even in winter.

Staying in Iceland

Deplar Farm is located in the northernmost part of Iceland, between two fjords, and is a paradise for thr

ill seekers.

Its expedition plan will take your spirit of adventure to new heights. Advanced skiers can fly over the pristine white expanse in a helicopter and land on glaciers and volcanic ridges before starting to descend into the ocean. Some of the steep, snowy corridors are so difficult to access that they rarely (if ever) see skiers. When the helicopter is grounded due to changing weather conditions, you can also choose other options, such as taking a snowmobile trip on a huge glacial drift or biking around a mossy waterfall with thick tires.

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Hot Springs

Those who are not too adventurous will not be drawn to these exhilarating excursions and activities and can devote their afternoons to enjoying the hot springs. Back at the hotel, the guide will exchange the frozen clothes for a cup of steaming coffee. In the land of the trolls, the day begins with a huge farm table, where you can munch on Pönnukökur (Icelandic pancakes) against a backdrop of dark black and sky blue skies. Chef Garðar Garðarsson uses local and seasonal ingredients to prepare dishes, such as salmon caught in a nearby stream or lamb from the surrounding mountains. His luxurious three-course meals are both delicious and creative. The roasted wild goose basted with rich cranberry juice is absolutely incredible.

A Restaurant in Iceland

The resident sommelier is equally creative, offering intoxicating wines perfect for après-ski. Heading north, after a short and scenic drive, we’ll find Siglufjörður, a

quaint and charming little fishing town on the canal bay. Here, food has become the center of attention. At the Harbour House (Gránugata 5b, Siglufjörður; +354 659 4809), the menu features regional classics such as mild arctic char and invigorating sea stew, while the small Frida Café ( offers hot chocolate with cream. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample your own beer at Segull 67 (

), a brewery converted from a warehouse.

Relaxation in Iceland

At Deplar, the pragmatic interior design aims to promote relaxation. Vacationers looking for a deeper adjustment can head to the mountain-facing spa; this flagstone-clad building has huge picture windows that frame the snowy landscape outside. Nothing can “lift” the body like a plunge pool surrounded by snow; in the evening, a sauna and gong bath will ensure absolute relaxation. Holidaymakers seeking mental clarity will appreciate the seclusion of one of the spa’s sensory floating rooms.For beginners, it’s a bit of a strange experience, but once you get used to it, it will be sacred. At dusk, lie back on a sheepskin-covered lounger and let the miracle of this dreamy guesthouse wash over you.

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Le cratère du volcan Askja est devenue un lac somptueux.Le cratère du volcan Askja est devenue un lac somptueux. The crater of Askja volcano has become a sumptuous lake. The Great GeysirThe Great GeysirThe Great Geysir <img width=”1024″ height=”682″ src=”×682.jpg” alt=”Near Lake Mivtar” />Près du lac MivtarNear Lake Mivtar Dans les Hautes TerresDans les Hautes TerresIn the Highlands Dans le canyon MulagljufurDans le canyon MulagljufurIn the Mulagljufur Canyon in Iceland A Vik DyrholaeyA Vik DyrholaeyIn Vik Dyrholaey Une des nombreuses cascades GjainUne des nombreuses cascades GjainOne of the many waterfalls Gjain Svínafellsjökull glacier Dans la campagneDans la campagneIn the countryside <img width=”985″ height=”592″ src=”image/svg+xml,” alt=”” data-src=”” />Our room at Deplar Farm, Iceland Coin cheminée à Deplar FarmCoin cheminée à Deplar FarmFireplace area Entrée à Deplar FarmEntrée à Deplar FarmEntrance to Deplar Farm Spa area Deplar Farm Le bar au Deplar FarmLe bar au Deplar FarmThe bar at Deplar Farm

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