Les voyageurs peuvent intégrer leur certificat numérique européen dans le Travel Pass d'IATA. Travellers can integrate their European digital certificate into the IATA Travel Pass.

From the outset, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) wanted the Travel Pass to be interoperable with other solutions on the market to facilitate the travel experience. This compatibility is proving its worth, as the European Union’s digital certificate and the UK’s NHS COVID Pass can now be downloaded into theIATA Travel Pass. ” This is an important step forward

,” said Nick Careen, IATA’s Vice President of Safety and Security Operations.

This means that travellers who hold these digital certificates can import them in one place, and this information can be shared with airlines and border control authorities. This will avoid unnecessary queues at airports and ultimately ensure a smooth restart of air travel. To date, some 50 airlines have tested the solution proposed by IATA, including Gulf carriers and many Asian and European airlines, including Air France


On the strength of this example, IATA is pushing to go further. The association is urging the World Health Organization to develop a global standard that could be based on the implementation of the European certificate. Without it, it is much more difficult for airlines, border authorities and governments to recognize and verify a traveller’s digital vaccination certificate,” notes Nick Careen. The industry is working around this problem by developing solutions that can recognize and verify each country’s certificate. But it’s a slow process that hinders the restart of international travel.

In another move also towards simplifying procedures related to digital certificate verification, IATA announced on August 11 its partnership with Synlab, Europe’s leading provider of clinical laboratory services. To perform their covid tests required for entry into either country, unvaccinated travellers will have access to Synlab’s international network of 450 screening laboratories and over 1,600 sample collection points in 36 countries.

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We are pleased to partner with IATA to make travel as safe as possible,” said Mathieu Floreani, CEO of Synlab. We have performed 18 million PCR tests since the beginning of

Thisunderscores our strong expertise in this area. Willie Walsh, IATA’s director general, meanwhile, said, “IATA Travel Pass aims to make it as easy as possible for travelers to locate certified laboratories and safely receive test results. ” In fact, Synlab will provide passengers with the certified test results directly to their phones through the IATA Travel Pass app. The app then checks the result against the IATA Travel Pass register of national entry requirements to produce an “OK to Travel” status.