Hypnosis thalasso Concarneau. Experience a hypnosis session at the thalasso in Concarneau

, a treatment that I dreamed of trying. I have to admit that thalassotherapy centres always advocate well-being but it is often with treatments that reinforce the self-image rather than really tackling the real problem of well-being. Here, for once, at the thalasso spa in Concarneau, I had the feeling of taking my destiny in hand and trying to change my behaviour.

Experiencing a hypnosis session

During a stay at the Thalasso Concarneau, I tested a hypnosis session. First of all, when you arrive at the thalasso in Concarneau, you know that you are going to take a relaxing and rejuvenating break. For me, it was very important to go to a “professional” place. I had a slightly preconceived idea that you would be put to sleep for a hypnosis. Count to 10 and you sleep. Well, clearly, that only works in the cinema. I arrive at the thalasso spa in Concarneau, I don’t imagine for a moment that I’m going to experience a real moment of supreme relaxation

. Hypnose thalasso ConcarneauHypnose thalasso ConcarneauHypnosis thalasso Concarneau

Spa treatments

Say goodbye to useless rituals… No toxins to be eliminated, nor a bubble bath. And even less hot stone massages. For once, in the relaxation area, no beauty treatments, no modelling, no massages, no wraps, no scrubs, no body treatments or facials. No sauna, no hammam and even less jacuzzi. I will be asked to be myself for once. The thalasso centre decided a few years ago to develop tools for well-being, different thalasso treatments. Result : I am in these marine thermal baths for a hypnosis session, I have come to test anti-stress treatments, a soothing ritual with de-stressing virtues. No marine course of balneotherapy, nor seawater swimming pool as in the Carnac thermal baths where I was recently. For this wellness stay

, I will therefore try to indulge myself as never before. Which can be a bit scary in the zen setting of this hydrotherapy centre.

Cocooning treatments

In short, I was afraid of revealing things about my

I had no privacy, I lost my bearings and I didn’t know where I lived anymore. In fact, the Ericksonian hypnosis practised in this thalasso is not intended to make you stop smoking, overcome your anxiety or stop an addiction in just one session. It’s a bit of an illusion to make you believe that in just one hour. No, it will help you to manage a behaviour and above all, it will show you the tools to use when you find yourself in a harmful situation or when you have to manage stress. She stimulates your health capital in this sensory balneotherapy centre.

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Recharge your batteries with the sound of your voice

Of course, we don’t all have the right reflexes naturally. Some seem to be immune to stress, others less so. I was clearly in the second category. I managed my stress episodes by taking refuge in work in an extreme way. I forgot about the rest of my life and hid behind work. So when I arrived at this thalasso in Concarneau, I didn’t imagine for a moment that I was going to experience an episode that was going to turn me upside down. Because for this thalasso stay, the overall setting of the spa encourages you to let go and recharge your batteries during this cure where serenity will be the key word.

A range of relaxing treatments

In this wellness area, facing the ocean, I’m about to live a bizarre experience where body and mind respond strangely with a single goal: to eliminate muscular tension and harmful behaviours that we may have. For once, I want to really pamper myself during a short stay in this thalassotherapy institute. Relaxing to the sound of the voice in this haven of peace seems strange to me. Just like a session of cryotherapy or vinotherapy or a seaweed wrap, here I am about to lie down in one of these treatment rooms with their refined and cosy decoration.

A well-being cure with not immediate benefits

Secondly, I have always had a lot of trouble trusting people. I don’t know why I often feel that people are aggressive. If some are not the result of an illusion, others are. I was therefore afraid of falling into the expert hands of an unscrupulous practitioner, which is why I was delighted to test this tool for de-stressing during this out-of-time interlude in Concarneau. The fact that I was in a thalassotherapy centre, a professional place surrounded by wellness professionals, reassured me somewhat.

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Relaxing treatments

Sandrine invites me to join her. Her voice is soft and persuasive at the same time. I decide to follow her. Very quickly, she installs me in the cabin on the massage table. That’s when we start our discussion. She asks me about my expectations for this type of appointment. I explain her clearly that being a freelancer, the situation is sometimes complicated to manage financially but that I love to be able to do this.my job.

A demanding treatment

What literally scotches me is that I have the impression of being in a state of unconsciousness, of answering her questions without her being able to hear me. All this remains very vague and it is done for because the goal is to reach, according to her, a state of “not thinking”. For that, thanks to the dialogue which exists between us two, she directs me with the wire of her voice and invites me to let go. Everything remains very vague. I attend this thalassotherapy treatment with the impression of not being there. To be in a vegetative state.

A strange escape during a relaxing stopover

It is cottony, strange because I have the impression of being there, of hearing him very well without having the impression of answering him. I remain conscious but in cotton wool. Very quickly, Sandrine tells me that she is in no way a psychologist and that she is there for my well-being in this wellness center in Concarneau. Several times, she reminds me during this one hour session, that her goal is to reset my way of reacting so that I can evacuate the worry myself. Roughly speaking, I have the impression of being rebooted. Like a computer. She is not a psychologist and has no vocation to be one. Therefore, she does not treat psychological or serious pathologies.

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A wellness getaway

At the end of the session, she invites me to enjoy the moment in the relaxation room on an aqua bed before giving me a complete check-up. Nothing really different from the usual spa resorts. It’s like a relaxing massage, I’m in a white bathrobe as if exhausted by what has just happened. She comes back to the stress peaks I can have sometimes. She reminds me that I need to learn to decompress. Very quickly, she underlines that a single session will not be enough and that it generally takes a dozen sessions to evacuate stress and other light addictions at the seaside… Relaxation and well-being are the order of the day at the end of this anti-stress cure.

The benefits of the hypnosis cure

In concrete terms, it is difficult to talk about feeling better after just one session, but what is certain is that since the event, I can feel that a change is taking place in me. I have already regained my self-confidence in relation to the world of work. I’ve decided to stop working for free for nothing. And I’m trying to change my behaviour. Even if it’s not yet a natural behaviour, I detect it naturally. Now I don’t spend my weekends at my desk, I put things in perspective. This is undoubtedly a sign of redemption, isn’t it ?

Thalasso Concarneau

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