Travelling is always an unforgettable experience, an impression, an enrichment of the world view and, of course, new encounters

. However, for many travelers, meeting new people remains a problem. Shyness, lack of social ease, lack of interactivity, so many reasons to read this article. Comment rencontrer des gens pendant les voyages ?Comment rencontrer des gens pendant les voyages ?How to meet people while traveling?

Dating while traveling: useful tips

So, you’ve gone on a trip abroad and you lack communication? Of course, you can meet Asian women to communicate, but there are also other useful tips. Meeting people in new countries is not only interesting, but also useful. Locals will tell you what to visit in the city, which restaurant is best to choose, where to change money, find Wi-Fi

, and much more.

You know, going on a trip to a city or country is very cool, but the friends you share these moments with are even better. It’s those people around us that make the experience better, and sometimes worse. Of course, ideally, we should make friends. The problem is that for many people, it’s hard to make friends once they’re alone, on the road and out of their little comfort zone. Undoubtedly, traveling has taught me to be more open and sociable in my daily life and to connect with others naturally. Thanks to this, I was able to meet a lot of incredible people and go through completely unexpected situations. Some of these encounters have even turned into lasting friendships.

Visit a tour

This is a group tour. Choose a tour where the guide is a local and the tour group is small. Ask the guide about the area

and other things that interest you. Communicate with other tourists, share your impressions, it is always interesting and informative. You don’t need to be away for so long to get a good feeling for the place.

friends’ area. A few hours of hiking can be enough. All tourist attractions offer various forms of walking tours. Sign up and open up to others. All you have to do is have a conversation when the guide isn’t talking. Most people are willing to chat when there is nothing else to do or observe. I remember when I was traveling in Ireland, I had just arrived in Dublin. It was 10am and I was carrying my bag and I had to wait until 6pm to see my Couchsurfing host who was finishing his work. When I saw a group of people waiting on the street with signs saying “Free Admission”, I thought why not participate. I ended up learning a lot about the history of Dublin and Ireland, but I also met a group of Americans who I went out with in the evening and with whom I am still in contact today. Today it’s a beautiful friendship

Choose hostels

This accommodation option

is perfect for solo travelers. First of all, this way you can save money and meet other travelers. Such accommodation is not suitable for those who work while traveling. Secondly, you will certainly have fun. However, it will always be more interesting for you to communicate with the locals. Hostels are definitely the best place to meet new people. I assure you that they are full of people of all ages. Of course, you always get caught in the cliché of young adventurers on a world tour (no, no, I’m not talking about me). But you can also meet families who choose to travel on a budget.

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A little secret about hostels is that they often offer single rooms. This way you can enjoy your stay just like in a hotel, but with the benefits of community living that a hostel offers. Now, you should also ask in advance before booking.

Comment rencontrer des gens pendant les voyages ?Comment rencontrer des gens pendant les voyages ?How to meet people while traveling?


This is a very convenient online service that will help you find friends in another country. Its main function is to search for free accommodation. You choose the city, travel dates and the type of accommodation – shared or private room. Then you send a request to the owner and if he confirms it, you can go there. Thus, you can communicate with the owner, neighbors, who will certainly give you a lot of interesting information about the country, the city.

You probably know if you read me

z for a while, I like couchsurfing. The idea is simple. All over the world, people open their homes and offer “free” accommodation. Why would anyone agree to do this? For many, it’s a way to expand their horizons and meet new friends who love to travel. It’s not just free accommodation. What’s great about couch surfing is that you get to meet locals who will introduce you to a region and give you a different perspective than a “simple tourist”. Couchsurfing is not dangerous… even if you are a woman! I have met many girls who couch surf and have never had any problems. All these girls usually do is contact people who have received positive reviews from former couch surfers.

Dating apps

You can start looking for friends already on the road. When you arrive in a new city, look for locals in apps – ask them to show you the city, the sights. Tinder and Bumble will definitely help you with this! You will find many groups formed around the same passion, sport or any other activity. So if you like hiking, you will easily find a group of locals to practice it. One of the fastest ways to meet new people is to share the same passion.

Try to meet people during your walks

It’s all very simple here: you can ask someone to take your picture. And then ask them questions about the city, its sights, the peculiarities of the national cuisine. The most important thing is self-confidence. The trick is to try activities specific to your region. You can take language classes. Learn to play the flamenco guitar. Discover Tuscan cuisine. Even put on your ceilidh (Scottish dance) shoes and learn to relax on the floor like a Scot. Not only will you meet people like you, but you’ll also try new experiences. First of all, I recommend that you use your travel guide. Try to see what’s special about the area you’re visiting and ask around to see who might be able to give you a lesson. Sites like Craigslist allow you to find a bunch of listings dedicated to local events and mention people who can give you information or a lesson.

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Forget about prejudice

This is the best advice I can give you. Many leave with countless assumptions and false reasons why they can’t do certain things. They feel too old (or too young, too scared, etc.) to try this or that. I often hear the phrase, “I’ll never go to a hotel because it’s full of 18-year-old parties. “Many of the tips I’m going to list here seem to be aimed at the youngest among youBut I have used them to make friends from 18 to 70 years old! So don’t put such barriers in your friendship. No matter how old you are, you can always learn from everyone you meet. (Feel free to read my article you’re never too old to travel).

Pick up a deck of cards

Card games are a great way to make friends. It’s a great way to have fun and bond with someone you just met.
For example, last December I met a group of Sri Lankans on a long train ride through India. All I had to do was teach them the rules of the “pile of shit” game, so five minutes later we were hearing all over the car.

Asking questions of others

Not being afraid to laugh is also a great dating technique. When sightseeing, don’t be afraid to ask strangers for directions and advice on nearby activities. You don’t even have to get lost to talk to strangers. I often ask questions even if I already know the answers. That’s not a lie, just an excuse to start a conversation. Don’t be afraid to take the initiative to communicate with strangers. Remember that there are no barriers to communicating with people. Meetings are the same everywhere: just be open, sincere and active. Through communication with people, your trip will be interesting, bright and full of new impressions.

Take an interest in others

Knowing this… People like to talk about themselves. We are all unconsciously a bit selfish and only want to talk about ourselves. So turn it to your advantage. After starting a conversation with someone, I often ask open-ended questions…

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Try new attractions

If you just follow your guide’s advice, you can quickly limit yourself to very touristy activities. That’s why I recommend a simple trick…every time you make a new friend, say “yes” to every (safe) outing they suggest (I talk about “saying” in this post the power of yes”) .
Over time, I’ve learned that you can never predict life-changing experiences. Sometimes the most mundane proposal can turn into an unforgettable adventure. For example, when I was in Cork, I started talking to a German girl I first met in Dublin. She invited me to join her and two Austrian friends for a four-day road trip in the west of Ireland. Even though I didn’t know them at all, I agreed to join them, jumped in their car and spent with them the best moments of my stay in Ireland. We climbed the Cliffs of Moher, had a great night in Dingle and even picked up a Swedish hitchhiker for the tour. It was a great experience that I would never find in a guidebook.

Take a pen and paper with you

Always have a pen and paper with you. Or a phone that can be used to take notes. This very simple tool can also help you turn simple conversations into real friendships. Especially if you have a common interest. If you like someone, find an excuse to get their contact information. For example, tell them you need information about their country of origin. You can even ask them to take you to their favorite places.

Be careful when traveling alone!

Okay, I just gave you some tips to help you make friends while traveling. Some of them will definitely help you open up and get out of your comfort zone. However, I have one more tip for you…use your brain! ost people are very friendly and full of good will. However, some people will always try to hurt you in some way. In all cases, use your critical judgment. Your personal safety is more important than any of the above advice. Never put yourself in danger. And always follow your instincts. Especially when traveling alone. Last thing… So this is a pretty long article on how to make friends while traveling alone, but I know many of you have your own ideas. So I’d love to hear your tips for meeting people while traveling. So feel free to share your tips and tricks in the comments