Today, we’re going to give you a good advice… “Put a VPN in your travel

” or better said “Put a VPN in your life”. Comment un VPN peut protéger vos données en voyageantComment un VPN peut protéger vos données en voyageantHow a VPN can protect your data while traveling (Pixabay)

If you read on, you’ll see how this software can help you, like NordVPN’s threat protection

, which is very easy to get. Moreover, you gain web security and you can use it in your daily life.

So, what is a VPN while traveling?

Without going into details, a VPN allows you to use an encrypted and secure connection between your devices and the Internet. This is called a data tunnel. So that your device connects directly to an external server (of your choice) and from this server comes the request of the website you want to access. This way, the visited website does not know where the request comes from. In the end, the IP address that identifies you becomes that of the VPN server, and virtually makes the request from the connected server. The advantages are numerous. Did you know that this tool can also save you a lot of money?

A VPN establishes a connection between your computer and a server located in another country. You can also select the country. Just install the software on your computer or application and click to activate the connection: it’s very easy to use. As I spend most of my time abroad, starting in 2011, I quickly adopted a VPN. It is indeed an indispensable tool when you travel abroad.

Travel phone

Moreover, by changing your IP address, it will allow you to appear as a new customer at each search and thus avoid the price increase. Because it allows you to have access to multiple servers around the world while strengthening your online security. A VPN, used for a Virtual Private Network, is a software that generates an Internet connection to a server located in another country.

Present a trip

So it is extremely convenient whether it is a paid vpn or free vpn, if you want to access your accounts on social networks in countries that deny access to certain sites. This soluti

we facilitate freedom of expression in most cases.

Wifi security when traveling with VPN

Having a vpn while traveling is almost essential. Have you ever stopped to think about how many wifi routers you connect to while traveling?

Vpn air ticket

Wifi in hotels, Wifi in restaurants, Wifi in airports… etc… And do you know that every time you connect, you leave all your mobile data and passwords free for someone clever to take them? Nothing ever happens, until it does.

Travel Warning

This is another reason why you should rent a VPN and install it on your mobile. As we mentioned earlier, our data travels through a tunnel or protected connection and it is impossible for the router we connect to to access our data. Protect yourself! This is how your computer and phone can be a real goldmine for all the malicious people with the least computer knowledge.

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Free Vpn for travel

If you need to book a hotel room or a plane ticket from a public wifi, you will have to make the purchase and fill in your bank details on these unsecured networks, which is an ideal opportunity for hackers to steal. Therefore, it is a must-have software for any traveler. If you want to browse the networks with peace of mind, then adopt a vpn while traveling. You will have access to your social media, to any set of platforms,

Connect to the internet without censorship in any country

You have probably heard that in some countries, there is censorship on some web portals and this can be a nuisance when you travel, as many social networks are the first to be censored. So if you can’t survive without watching Replay of French channels, or if you want to comment on a soccer game in French, there is only one solution to avoid these geographical restrictions: install a VPN and choose a French IP.

Vpn travel abroad

Examples of some regions of the globe where you would have problems, where censorship reigns on the internet, this will be one of the many advantages of vpn while traveling:

  • Iran
  • Vietnam
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Tunisia
  • Bangladesh
  • Saudi Arabia in the Middle East
  • Ethiopia
  • Myanmar

China vpn travel

In many countries, censorship is widespread on the Internet. Many websites will be blocked from browsing. This is usually the case in China, where some social media are not available. Facebook, WordPress: cross it out because the state blocks certain URLs. Many other states block certain sites, like Iran, which I recently visited. For example, it is not possible to use the main social networks.

Vpn world tour

With a VPN, you will not have such problems and you can connect to any router in these countries with the VPN, previously choosing a server in another country. Beware, there are services that are simply not available in some countries due to broadcasting rights that are limited to the borders. Therefore, if you are planning a world tour, consider adopting a vpn while traveling.

Other uses of VPN

Well, apart from the above uses for travel, the truth is that in everyday life, it has an infinite number of uses.

TV content

By connecting from the country of your choice, you have the ability to watch content from that country. For example, you can connect to Netflix in the United States, which offers more variety than in France. We can also do the opposite, that is, when we are traveling abroad, we can connect to a French server to watch Netflix in France. We could also connect to any other TV content platform that works only in these countries.

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For copyright and broadcasting rights reasons, you may not be able to access your usual content (mainly music and videos) in some countries. This is not a censorship issue, but a legislative issue. For example, the Netflix packages in France are different in all countries, just as the youtube or deezer catalogs vary according to the region. If you see this message, it is possible that geographical restrictions apply to what you are trying to access, and this works perfectly in France! Just like censorship, with a VPN installed on your device, you’ll be able to access censored content because you won’t be identified as being in the region you’re traveling to.

Faster streaming

Tip: There are streaming apps or services and sometimes the buffering can be slow depending on the country you are connecting from. Sometimes switching VPN servers can speed up the buffer loading. It is also useful for connections on PlayStation and XBOX consoles, where ping and latency times can be reduced.

Downloading torrents or content

We can download any type of content in torrents or P2P files without fear of penalties, as the download is completely anonymous. If you have a blog or website, you may not be able to access your blog or website in some countries. Don’t worry, don’t worry! This happened to me in Guatemala in 2011. Some ISPs block certain IP addresses. However, the host puts hundreds of sites on the same server and therefore has the same IP. Blocking one of the sites for any reason is enough and the same treatment for all… Solution: change the geographical region of the server in the hosting management. This is usually an available option. If not, you still need to use a VPN.

You are not safe from hackers or theft of your personal data when you are connected to public or private WIFI. Many tourists have fallen victim to cybercrime, getting their bank details by connecting to WIFI networks in airports or cybercafés without a password. If you need to make purchases on the Internet by connecting to a public network, I strongly advise you not to do so without a VPN!

Working on confidential documents

With a VPN, your IP address is private, as is your location. The websites you visit are confidential. This is an undeniable advantage at a time when there is a lot of talk about state surveillance of the Internet.

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Pay for Internet services from other countries

You can pay for any game, application, book, service or anything else you can think of from another country, for example the United States, with this most of the time in addition to paying less, you will avoid paying VAT. This is at the discretion of the user, but nothing you do with the VPN will be illegal. You simply do it virtually from another country. That is, as if you were in the country of the server. For most Apple software purchases, if you buy them in the US, you will pay less. Besides censorship, this is another great advantage of using a VPN. If you’re connected to a public wifi network and don’t have a password (airports, hotels, etc.), I really don’t recommend using a credit card for purchases. For hackers, this is a perfect opportunity to steal data. With a VPN, don’t worry, your data is encrypted and you can shop with peace of mind.

In some areas, prices vary depending on your location. With a VPN, you can search for flights, train tickets or accommodation from another country via a virtual connection. Also, because the IP address is blocked by the VPN, the website’s cookies do not record your history and then treat you as a new customer. How to avoid price spikes when you take the time to decide to validate your booking.

How to choose a VPN?

To choose your VPN, review the following information:

  • The VPN is compatible with your system (Android, IOS, Windows, Linux…)
  • The VPN allows you to connect multiple devices (phone, tablet, computer)
  • The VPN provider must have servers located all over the world (+ 3000) of users with positive reviews and ratings
  • The subscription price is correct (from 2 to 9 euros per month). Note that free VPNs are not secure enough to guarantee you the same protection as paid VPNs, so their use abroad is strongly discouraged.
  • Has a customer support

Now you understand why having a VPN on your phone and/or computer is a must when you’re ready to travel. It’s up to you, but don’t forget to install it before you leave.