here wego Here WeGo navigation app adds new features for travellers

Initially dedicated to navigation, Here WeGo is expanding its range of possibilities. The mobile application announced on January 5, at the CES 2022 event, the addition of new features in the field of travel. Here WeGo is indeed preparing to add ” from the first quarter of 2022

” new bricks to its mobile offer. A partnership with will allow travelers to book a hotel, and check availability, rates and reviews. In addition, Here WeGo has a VTC function for urban travel. When planning a trip, travellers will be able to book a vehicle in the US and Canadian markets with just one click. In the German market, business travellers will also be able to pay for fuel from their smartphone thanks to a partnership with ryd.

a complete travel companion

We are delighted to introduce new partners to the HERE WeGo experience,” notes Jørgen Behrens, SVP and Chief Product Officer at HERE Technologies. ” Their respective strengths will help make HERE WeGo a complete travel companion. As strong supporters of a collaborative approach around mobility, we look forward to adding even more partners and options to HERE WeGo in 2022

,” adds Jørgen Behrens.

Florian Guillemin