HCorpo est le premier partenaire du programme Miles&Act lancé par sa maison mère, le groupe Gekko. HCorpo is the first partner of the Miles&Act program launched by its parent company, the Gekko Group.

Environmental issues are now on everyone’s mind, both in companies and among their employees. However, in order to move from words to deeds, it is sometimes necessary to have a carrot, an incentive. This is why HCorpo’s parent company, the Gekko Group, has launched the Miles & Act programme, presented as the first incentive platform for responsible business travel.

Gekko, a subsidiary of Accor since the end of 2017, offers companies of all sizes and sectors a solution to adapt their consumption patterns by rewarding the responsible behaviour of their business travellers. ” Each of us can, at our own level, decide that our responsibilities and initiatives have favorable and virtuous consequences

,” said Elodie Noriant, CEO of Miles & Act.

In fact, through Miles & Act, travellers earn miles according to the incentive rules defined by each client company. These rules may include several criteria relating to “green” travel and the duty of care, but also the savings made by the company, compliance with its travel policy or the adoption rate of its approved travel partners.

The use of an electric vehicle, a stay in an accommodation that complies with the duty of care, the booking of a flight in economy class or a hotel at a price lower than the standards defined by the company: all the miles obtained by the travellers will be convertible on the Miles & Act platform. This gives access to individual rewards through vouchers and a catalogue of eco-responsible products, but also collective rewards, such as donations to ecological or charitable associations, or to the foundations of their companies or carbon offset projects…

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While this program is intended to welcome players in the accommodation, airline and car rental sectors, among other business travel suppliers, HCorpo is logically the first partner of Miles & Act, with its managing director Audrey Serror describing her desire to ” provide our clients with a simultaneous response to three essential objectives: to give the company the ability to make savings that are tracked and monitored on a daily basis in the Hospitality purchase category, to move from a coercive approach to a positive and responsible approach to booking accommodation and to support, as never before, companies in their duty to protect the traveller.