Hand cream : Protect your hands from the cold. As soon as the temperature drops, we cover ourselves. And often, wrongly, we forget to protect our hands from the cold. However, the corrosive effect of low temperatures can make the skin suffer. So to protect yourself, you can face winter by moisturizing your hands with Nocibe products

. Decrypting. Crème main : Protéger ses mains du froidCrème main : Protéger ses mains du froidPutting Hand Cream On Her Hands To Moisturize And Clean

A soothing cosmetic to massage

Against external aggressions on the skin, we opt for a hand cream that regenerates your skin. With their creamy texture that penetrates easily, these hand care products leave your hands feeling soft. We apply this velvety cream on the skin of the hands as we apply a face cream. This light cream is non-sticky and provides good hydration of the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier. What’s more, with a pleasant scent, the absorption by the skin is automatically relieving in the same way as the application of a body cream

that intensely moisturizes the epidermis. The skin is nourished and freed from its imperfections.

Relieve the skin

Say goodbye to itching on the skin’s surface. Forget about the chapping that can sometimes be felt. Thanks to the action of these hand creams, stressed skin is regenerated. The skin of the hands is then all soft, soothed in an intensive way. So how do you protect your skin from the cold? Any feeling of discomfort is never pleasant. Therefore, apply a nourishing cream that leaves the skin soft and silky.

Intense hydration

Its softening action helps to nourish the skin and make it more elastic. Soft hands appreciate these hand creams. Very effective, these soothing care creams help relieve the skin of possible irritations that sensitive skin usually experiences. With a nourishing cream, say goodbye to the feelings of tightness that your skin could feel.Moisturizing the skin prevents it from drying out. The penetration of the moisturizing care allows to avoid dehydration of the skin in the long term. This repairing and enriched cream will allow your skin barrier to be quickly restored. The skin will then be perfectly hydrated thanks to the protective and repairing action. Discover these moisturizing creams for the hands. Moisturizing hand care

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Protective and repairing gloves to have on hand.

Nourishing gloves

Gants nourrissantsGants nourrissantsNourishing gloves are one of the

most important hand care products. Inspired by Korean beauty rituals, the nourishing glove mask allows you to take care of your hands in just 15 minutes at home! Discover the nourishing glove mask inspired by Korean beauty rituals. With this pair of ultra-efficient gloves, your hands will be perfectly moisturized in only 15 minutes. They are infused with shea butter to protect and soften your hands and make you feel comfortable immediately. Put on these gloves and enjoy a relaxing moment at home. Very practical, these tactile gloves allow you to use your smartphone on the move!

Home spa cream Seathalasso

Home spa crème SeathalassoHome spa crème SeathalassoHome spa cream

Seathalasso hand cream brings you the freshness and strength of the sea breeze, and gives you the desire to revive yourself. The family spa series focuses on complex formulas, bringing you the perfect synergy of fragrance oils and natural beauty ingredients. The moisturizing formula of Seathalasso Hand Cream combines bergamot essential oils and sea mineral salts to care for dry hands. It penetrates quickly, leaving your hands perfectly hydrated and soft. The fragrance of Seathalasso hand cream is a cocktail of jasmine, clove and orange blossom, as well as musk and cedar, bringing moments of invigoration and vitality. Taste the power of the sea and discover its refreshing way of pampering you.

Natural Care hand cream

Natural Care crème pour les mainsNatural Care crème pour les mainsNatural Care hand cream

This creamy hand cream is rich in almond extract, which melts gently and restores softness to the hands. In each NATURAL Care series, STAR natural ingredients are known for their beneficial effects on the skin.

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its for the skin and their effectiveness: rose, coconut water, clay, argan, moringa or sweet almond, used in face and body care to meet the needs of each skin. All formulas are vegan and contain at least 90% natural ingredients. With a sensorial texture and minimal packaging, the NATURALS CARE series products use a cream formula rich in

almond extract to soothe the skin and restore its softness. All the nourishing power of almonds makes the skin soft and comfortable. Almonds are known for their nourishing properties.

Hand Cream Essential

Crème main EssentielCrème main EssentielHand Cream Essential

This lotion is a true ally of the beauty of your hands, it moisturizes, nourishes and protects your hands daily. Discover the hand lotions in this Essential skin care range. Its light and moisturizing texture makes the skin very soft without a greasy film. Its formula is rich in aloe vera and shea butter for immediate comfort. Aloe vera is known for its nourishing and protective properties, which can deeply moisturize the skin.