In the middle of winter, finding a sunny destination, accessible at four hours by plane from Paris or from the provinces and rather secure in terms of Covid-19 would almost be a feat. And yet we found it! Follow us!

Gran Canaria stay


Canaria is known as the miniature continent, because of its extremely varied landscapes. Beaches, dunes, small mountains, and even extinct volcanoes, calderas! Gran Canaria

promises all this, with mild temperatures all year round!

Travel to Gran Canaria

What more could you want? If you like ecotourism, relaxation or gastronomy, you don’t have to dream about far away places. Less known than its neighbors Fuenteventura and Lanzarote, the Canary Island of Gran Canaria intends nevertheless this year to be well known by the French tourists.

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Gran Canaria

Located 4 hours flight from Paris

, this small volcanic territory is a sweet mix of different cultures, between aboriginal heritage, European and African crossroads. And for good reason: we are less than 200 km from the African coast.

Meteo gran canaria

So of course, here, the mildness reigns for a good part of the year, a feeling of spring that continues even in the heart of winter. Third largest island of the Canary Islands, it shares with Tenerife the same variety of landscapes. A humid north coast, planted with numerous banana plantations. A more steep center, due to the collapse of a gigantic crater. And a very dry south, with arid barrancos and dunes landscapes. This is where many resorts

have been set up, of course.

Gran Canaria: Las Palmas

At first sight, the capital Las Palmas and its seafront leave us a little doubtful. Let’s leave aside the beach of Las Canteras. If not to have a drink at the end of the day on this very popular promenade. The capital, very animated, appears as a strange city, with multiple faces. It is crossed by a highway that literally cuts it into two distinct neighborhoods: Triana and Vegueta. It is undoubtedly the historical district of Vegueta which charmed us the most during our Canarian stay. A real mosaic of different architectural styles with a sweet colonial flavor, the Vegueta district alone deserves a good half-day of discovery along its streets. Rendezvous in front of the cathedral

ale Santa Ana for the beginning of your tour. In the square in front of the cathedral, you will immediately notice these bronze dogs.

Visit Gran Canaria

According to legend, the Canary Islands owe their name to these animals (“canis” in Latin). Near the Town Hall, it is quite common to attend concerts of music and local folklore. To the right of the square, the Casa Regenta (the “Regent’s Palace”) opens with a beautiful Renaissance-style portal. You have to stroll through its cobbled streets, lined with colorful houses to be truly charmed by this old city with colonial accents.

The Casa de Colon

Head to the Plaza San Antonio Abad for a must-see visit to the Casa de Colon! This house was once the residence of the governor who received the visit of the navigator in 1492. Christopher Columbus came to the island to repair his caravel La Pinta before his first voyage to America. He is said to have visited the island twice. Now transformed into a museum, the house of Gothic-Renaissance architecture is full of charm, with its round pebbled courtyard, its balconies with balustrades, and its patios of different styles. The rooms on the first floor retrace the different voyages of Columbus with, at the beginning of the tour, a beautiful reconstruction of the interior of the caravel La Nina, with its wooden hull, ropes, captain’s bed, etc. In the following rooms, a series of models of the ships, as well as maps and interactive videos retrace the 4 expeditions of Columbus. This is without a doubt the most beautiful monument in the city, so remember to book your visit in advance!

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Another point of interest in Vegueta: its market and its stalls of exotic fruits to make any travel photographer jump! Banana-apples, prickly pear, passion fruit, dragon fruit, avocados, mangos: no doubt about it. We are in another latitude in the middle of winter! The Triana district is organized around the very commercial street of Triana. The district would have been founded by immigrants from the same name in Seville. Before the construction of the port, in the north of the city, this is where all the sailors lived. The facades of Triana are very representative of the great architectural diversity of the island: sometimes neo-baroque, Belle Époque and
extremely modern, or suddenly Art Nouveau! At the end of this long street, you will stop for a few moments at the Parque San Telmo to admire a very beautiful kiosk in oriental style, now transformed into a bar. Don’t miss the visit of the chapel famous for its golden baroque altarpiece.

Direction the north coast of the island: our favorite

About an hour’s drive from Las Palmas, head for the Bandama caldera. At an altitude of 559 meters, the panorama is splendid on the whole coast, Las Palmas, below, but also and especially on this ancient crater of one kilometer in diameter. It is considered one of the wonders of the local nature. The paths are easily accessiblees from Bandama, with small differences in altitude. No need to be a champion of trails to start. The island has many hiking trails accessible to all and intends to make it known. Two short hours of walking to let yourself be disoriented by this lunar landscape, these steep volcanic rocks, this black sand that guides your every step. A matt, sticky, indelible sand. The arrival is a little more surprising, we warn you. In this desert landscape, rocky, steep, the view on the golf course will signal the end of your course. You have been warned!

The center of the island is served by very winding roads, very appreciated by cyclists. It is undoubtedly here that one finds the most beautiful panoramas of the island. The village of Tejeda is mentioned in all the tourist guides and has been elected many times as one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Located a few kilometers from a forest of Canarian pines and terraced fields, it is a must-see during your stay in Gran Canaria. The village has a breathtaking view of the Roque Nublo, nicknamed “the rock of the clouds”. Formed 3 million years ago, it is the highest basalt monolith in the world. The very symbol of the island. Not to mention the Pozo de las Nieves, the highest point on the island, covered with snow in winter, at more than 1,949 meters above sea level. With such a panorama, it is highly recommended to linger on a terrace during a lunch break in Tejeda. The restaurants are often crowded, so be sure to make reservations. Don’t forget to order an almond-based dessert, the specialty of the village.

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Another curiosity of the island: The Cenobio of Valeron

It is THE major archaeological site of Gran Canaria. It must be said that the place is quite amazing. Nearly 300 cavities have been dug by man to serve as silos and granaries. The volcanic rock, very friable, being rather easy to work. These granaries were used by different families who had to pay 10% of their harvest to the local king. At the entrance of the cave, two remarkable dragon trees, emblematic trees of the Canary Islands and the Azores in particular. (video).

Heading south: The dunes of Maspalomas

Between the north of the island and the south… a whole world, in only a few kilometers. Here is now the seaside face of the island, necessarily very touristy. Maspalomas concentrates all the luxury hotels, a golf course and… a vast zone of dunes of sub-Saharan type on more than 400 hectares. The landscape is quite surprising, only a few meters from a residential area. Some dunes can reach more than 10 meters in height, so many invitations to let yourself slide and find your child’s soul. About thirty kilometers away as the crow flies, the village of Puerto de Mogan also attracts everyone’s attention. It has a touch of the Canarian “Saint-Tropez” about it, with its charming marina connected by a few small bridges and its many flowery alleys. The ideal place for a shopping, with its numerous beach stores and handcrafted jewelry stores. The vacations, what!…

The culinary specialties of the island

It is the great pride of the Canary Islands: the papas Arrugadas, these small melting potatoes that you will be offered at each of your meals. They come from tubers of Peruvian origin, introduced in the archipelago in the 1500s. They are often accompanied by a typical sauce: Mojo Picon. This Canarian sauce comes in two forms: verde or picon (rojo). The mojo verde is based on olive oil, garlic and coriander. The rojo is spicier, and owes its color to the chili pepper mixed with garlic, cumin, olive oil and paprika. You can find it in jars ready to use in street markets.

Also to bring back from your trip: beauty products – cream, oil, soap, shampoos, based on aloe vera.

Hotel gran canaria

In Las Palmas: Hotel Boutique Cordial Malteses
The hotel has just opened. It is located in the heart of the city, ideal to discover Las Palmas.

Discover the top floor of theMariott Hotel, in Las Palmas. Panoramic view of the whole city.

Gran Canaria: Where to eat?

Restaurant Casa Montesdeoca (In the Vegueta neighborhood): This is where Juan Carlos used to come for lunch when he stayed in Grand Canaria. It must be said that the place has a lot of character with its shaded patio. A large choice of fishes and Canarian wines. On the menu of the day for example: cod gazpacho, and lubina, a typical fish of the island, the equivalent of our sea bass.

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Restaurant Bodegon Vandama: A restaurant in the heart of a vineyard. Do not miss the visit of the cellar before dinner by the owner of the place. Very warm welcome. Specialty of grilled meat mainly.

To taste:

The queso de Flor Guia , at La Bodega Santa Maria. A sheep cheese made with thistle flowers. This cheese is still elaborated by a family of the island according to an ancestral method. (CF Video)

Gran Canaria to go :

The airline Vueling offers several flights per week from Paris, depending on the period, to La Palma airport. From 29.99 euros one way!

Gran Canaria: covid

At the time of writing this article: Before your departure. It is mandatory to fill out a health control form (FCS) and sign it electronically before traveling to the Canary Islands.

For all information about your trip to Gran Canaria:

Spanish Tourist Office:

What is the most beautiful island of the Canaries?

The most beautiful island in the Canary Islands depends on what you like. If you like nature and roadtrips,

then there is no doubt that Gran Canaria will perfectly suit your needs.

How to visit Gran Canaria?

The best way to

do this is to take advantage of Gran Canaria’s beautiful roads as you travel around the island. Central route. South – West route. Eastern route. Northern Route. Discover the capital. 20 Cities and Villages worth visiting.

Where are the Canary Islands?

The Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa, are rugged volcanic islands known for their black and white sand beaches. The largest island, Tenerife, is dominated by Teide, a still active volcano, sometimes covered in snow, which has its own observatory and is part of the Teide National Park. Before Lent, a big carnival takes place in the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

What to visit in Gran Canaria ?

You will find in this article many places that will interest you, we hope. A change of scenery is mandatory!

Canary island what to do?

Gran Canaria or Gran Canaria, located between Tenerife and Fuerteventura, is one of the jewels of the archipelago. The island is known for its incredible landscapes, with a natural beauty recognized by UNESCO. From diving courses to visits to the capital Las Palmas to catamaran cruises, it promises many discoveries!

One of the most popular activities is the camel ride. On the show, walk through the dunes of Maspalomas with a comfortable fit. Don’t worry though, the comfortable saddles (two seats) will keep you comfortable and enjoy the hilly desert landscape of the area. Ideal for young and old, if you don’t know what to do in the Canary Islands yet, this activity is a must, recommended!

Gran Canaria landscape

Gran Canaria Photos