Terminal 2 in Nice (Photo: Nice Airport JF Romero)

Nice Airport had a successful strategy during the Covid crisis. While many large European airports were laying off staff, Nice did its best to keep its employees. With some success


From the beginning of the crisis, the airport’s management signed a long-term partial activity agreement because we were convinced that the recovery would come,” explains Aymeric Staub, press officer at France’s second largest international airport. ” It turned out to be a winning bet. Keeping our staff allowed us to avoid recruiting untrained personnel.In addition, the airport provides the public and our service providers with experienced staff who know how to react in case of difficulties

,” he says.

However, Nice is not totally free of saturation during traffic peaks. But according to Aymeric Staub, the situation is going rather well with only a few occasional bottlenecks.

The airport has prepared for a strong increase in traffic. The management reopened Terminal 1 with the introduction of summer schedules at the end of March. The terminal, which was closed for the duration of Covid, has been reopened by some of the companies that were there before the pandemic. In particular the long-haul carriers.

The terminals were also equipped with 3D sensors from the company Xovis. They allow us to evaluate passenger flows, detect bottlenecks and therefore send additional staff to areas where there is saturation.

This year, Nice hopes to return to a level of traffic close to its pre-Covid performance. That is, some 14.5 million passengers. Without congestion, of course!

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Luc Citrinot