Gastronomic cruise between Portugal and France. Come and have a good time during 9 days and 8 nights, on board the World Explorer. From May 6 to 14, 2022, Rivages du Monde

organizes a unique gastronomic cruise between Lisbon and Le Havre, discovering the cultural wealth and culinary traditions of the Atlantic coast. Gastronomic cruise between Portugal and France

On board, three star chefs

will share their passion for the local produce.

Guests will embark on a culinary journey through European culinary flavors and new trends
. The discoveries will begin in Lisbon and Porto, two dynamic cities. Their elegant homes reveal tradition, history and architectural heritage
dotted with exotic gardens and glass windows. The next stop is Bilbao, Spain

, a city of culture and fashion, then La Coruña, leading to the spiritual Santiago de Compostela for a coastal navigation.

A coastal trip along the coasts of Charente and Brittany to Normandy

will link the beauty of the small islands to the prosperity of the military or merchant ports. Capes, fishing ports, religious buildings, castles and towns steeped in history await the passengers in the heart of wild and contrasting sites. During this culinary cruise, the diversity of landscapes, the richness of the historical heritage and a generous gastronomy will awaken all the senses.

Normandy combines the beauty of an island with the prosperity of a military or commercial port. Historic promontories, fishing ports, religious buildings, castles and towns await the visitor. Passengers in the middle of wild and contrasting places. During this gastronomic tour, varied landscapes, a rich historical heritage and a rich cuisine. All the senses will be awakened.

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Three star chefs on board

In the refined comfort of the World Explorer’s restaurant, the three star chefs will offer passengers a range of flavors and taste experiences. Between Portugal and Belgium, a true festival of European gastronomy will take place on board! Rui Paula will be present from May 7 to 8 and will sign the dinner on May 7. Chefs Benoit Dewitte and Tijs Meliefste will be present from May 7 to 10. Each Chef will sign 2 dishes. From

Gastronomic workshops and culinary demonstrations will also be offered on board.

RUI PAULA (2, in Portugal)

Born in Porto, Rui Paula reveals the memory of the Douro and Trás-Os-Montes regions in surprising and original creations. Simplicity and a sense of humor have shaped his personality and his roots have nourished his taste for a cuisine that preserves flavors, textures, aromas and colors. By perpetuating his heritage, while renewing it masterfully, he also pays tribute to the women in his family – his mother and grandmother – who passed on to him the basics of a family cuisine, tasty and prepared with love.

BENOIT DEWITTE (1, in Belgium)

Benoit Dewitte strives to transform tastes and aromas, intact in all their individuality and finesse, into a culinary experience that is refreshing and ingenious in its simplicity. Based in the Flemish Ardennes with his brother Bernard, Benoit Dewitte imagines a pure gastronomy with a sincere transparency, focused on the excellence of the basic product. This young Belgian chef, who has already won awards, likes to share his passion for the quality of products, the impeccable freshness of ingredients, the subtle aromas and textures. Excellence and simplicity, wouldn’t that be the definition of elegance?

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THIJS MELIEFSTE (1*, in the Netherlands)

After years of experience in the best restaurants in Europe, Anuschka and Thijs Meliefste chose to settle in the heart of New Zealand, literally “the land of the sea”, on the shores of Lake Veerse. For his inspiration, Thijs Meliefste composes with beauty, nobility, purity… in a word the genius of nature that he strives to translate without betraying. Naturally curious, he sublimates the finesse and intensity of his cooking with an astonishing variety of culinary techniques. Passionate, creative and detail-oriented, he also likes to surprise with the beauty of his presentations.

The main stages of the cruise

Day 1: Paris > Lisbon (Portugal)
Day 2: Lisbon
Day 3: Porto
Day 4: La Coruña (Spain)
Day 5: Bilbao
Day 6: La Rochelle (France)
Day 7: Belle-Île-en-Mer
Day 8: Saint-Malo
Day 9: Le Havre > Paris

The World Explorer, 5 Roses of the Winds

Spacious and welcoming, combining elegance and conviviality in its interior and exterior spaces, the World Explorer looks like an exploration yacht. Its sleek design and

t racy design harmoniously matches its interior decoration with warm colors. The cabins (between 17 m² and 44 m²), all with a view of the outside, are spread over 3 decks and have a lounge/office area to fully enjoy the view of the natural environment. The living spaces have been designed to be totally oriented towards the sea, allowing you to enjoy breathtaking landscapes at all times with grandiose stopovers

. Cover image of video (hq definition)Cover image of video (hq definition)The World Explorer

A yacht with a pure design, turned towards the sea

Two entire decks are dedicated to collective spaces. From the library to the boutique, including the Spa by l’Occitane

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, the heated outdoor pool, the fitness room, the running track and the lounges, each space is designed so that guests can experience moments of intimacy or sharing with other passengers, depending on their mood. The restaurant offers refined à la carte cuisine for dinner, served in a single service. Breakfasts and lunches are buffet style, to be enjoyed outside or inside depending on the weather and your desires. Deck 7 gives access to the magnificent observation lounge with a 180° panoramic view of the outside, which encourages contemplation and serenity.

Rivages du Monde boats are classified by “wind roses”, between 4* (small units of less than 50 passengers) and 5* (magnificent ship, offering luxurious comfort with the best equipment).

Practical information

Fare from 3200€ per person in double occupancy. This fare includes flights, transfers, all activities on board and full board.
Dates : May 6 – 14, 2022

Rivages du Monde gastronomic cruise photos

The World Explorer by Rivages du Monde