Like many of you, I have a particular attachment to the Futuroscope, which remains in my eyes one of the best theme parks in the world. For many reasons: the quality of its settings offers an unforgettable experience. Every year, I tell myself that we have to go back there and then you know what it is…

Futuroscope Park

40 attractions for all ages, a nightly show: for many reasons, you will want to sleep and visit one of the hotels in the Futuroscope park.
Future Mirror at its own pace.With 40 attractions that are inside, they can be visited all year round. One of the most popular is Dancing with a Robot, a thrilling ride at the end of an articulated robotic arm. Don’t miss your chance to play hide-and-seek in the land of the 4D Minimoys or climb into a time machine to experience 3D. Finally, the Aerobar allows you to sip a drink with your feet for a unique experience in the 35-meter high clearing. Between Arthur’s Universe, Raving Rabbids, Feet in the Void, The Tough Guy Tour, Mysteries of the Kube, The Little Prince, Dancing with the Robots, Ice Age 4d, Wings of Courage, The Extraordinary Journey attraction will be the occasion for magical weekends in this children’s world or for school vacations. At the end of summer 2017, the 360° pavilion closed to make way for new dynamic attractions with virtual reality headsets, Sébastien Loeb Racing Xperience opened in 2018. Live shows, amazing journeys, Image Projections, magical night shows, fascinating attractions for all ages will therefore be on the agenda… The futuroscope also has an educational mission with Eyes Wide Open: A Black Course led by a blind man (make a €5 donation to support action for the blind). Embark on an aerial adventure with Solar Impulse, the first airplane to fly around the world solely on solar energy. At the Futuroscope, you can also discover or rediscover: La Vienne Dynamique, Arthur and the Minimoys

Futuroscope Attraction

Located a few kilometers north of downtown Poitiers, just off the A10 freeway, the Futuroscope is also an international success. With a turnover of 63 million euros in 2021, the Futursocope has received 1.1 million visitors. A crucial figure with the health crisis that the park has just gone through. ” The reopening is planned. We look forward to it. As always, as soon as we receive the approval of the Vienne Prefecture, we will open. The teams really want it as much as we do! It is thanks to them that we could do it in 2021. So this year, we’re doing it again,” says Futuroscope director Rodolphe Bouin.

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Objective March Futuroscope

In 2021, the delayed opening had nevertheless allowed the opening of the first roller-coaster of the park, Objectif mars, which quickly became the favorite attraction for visitors. Add to this the introduction of a night show, La clé des songes, which recently won the award for the best creative multimedia show in the world, and you can see why Futuroscope continues to attract so many visitors. This show has replaced the show La forge aux Étoiles.

Fururoscope frequentation

This year, for 2022, the amusement park awaits you in number in the alleys of its immense park, rich in sensations thanks to the new features. The amusement park will open its doors on February 5th. The conditions of access impose the compulsory vaccination pass from the age of 16 years, and the wearing of the mask for children from the age of 5 years. You will be able to take advantage of special discounts of -30% from 5/02/22 to 08/04/22, knowing that a flexibility of the openings of the Park exist because of the covid-19.

Futuroscope stay

From this year, you will be able to enjoy the ” future favorite attraction of the visitors “: Tornado Hunters. And hang on, because for this phenomenal attraction, the means have been put in place. Theattraction cost no less than 21 million euros. It will be above all a real technological feat. A major attraction as if you were caught in a tornado of wind. For this, a rotating platform with 120 seats will revolve around a gigantic screen composed of 540 m² of unique leds. Add to this special effects, a soundtrack and grandiose scenic effects and you will understand why this attraction has everything to seduce. Adrenaline at the rendezvous. It took no less than three and a half years of preparation to develop this attraction which imposes a unique device between fiction and reality for a total immersion for grandiose projections of images. Climb aboard a “very special” train, put on your 3D glasses, and witness all the surprises and other special effects in the Futuroscope park. In the eyes of Thomas Pesquet (new in 2018): Projected on a giant KineMAX screen with IMAX LASER 4K technology, look back on the 196 days of the French astronaut in space.

Theme Park hotel

Ideally located only 5 minutes walk from the gates of the Futuroscope Park and 15 minutes from the center of Poitiers, near the exit of the a10 freeway, the Station cosmos hotel invites you to live this experience in its 76 themed family rooms. One of the new highlights: The ‘Station Cosmos’ hotel will be the first family hotel created by the park. Designed for the galactic station, these decorations are inspired by the science fiction and high-tech universe. 76 rooms, designed and organized like a cabin in a spaceship with 4 or 5 beds provided. Comfortable and original, they will reflect the theme. Spaces focused on details that offer Immersive experiences. Breakfast will be served in the adjacent themed restaurants. The “Bar des Pilotes” with a lounge bar. The terrace will offer a beautiful view of the park. A 4-star hotel with 76 rooms within the park and a unique experiential restaurant “Space Loop”. In total, more than 300,000 € of investments will have been necessary to allow visitors to sleep and eat in the heart of the park. This will also give thrill-seekers the opportunity to stay for several days at a time. The Futuroscospe restaurant will also offer an atypical experience. Ordering by touch screen, dishes served by an automatic conveyor… 2 million meals are served at the Futuroscope every year.

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Futuroscope city

The Arena will also be at the rendezvous. With large-scale shows. Adele, Sexion d’Assaut, M, so many names of artists who did not hesitate to settle in this hall of 6000 people. With two performances a day, starting July 12, of the Snow Show, a circus universe with clowns whose international success has been proven. In the past, the show was provided by the Cirque du Soleil, with whom Futuroscope is considering working again. Futuropolis is a city where children play like adults in 21 attractions. The occasion for fantastic weekends. So many attractions that are worth the detour: Rabbids, the world of children, the Little Prince, Arthur’s Universe, Objective March, Dancing with robots…. You can enjoy Futurapolis in the heart of the Futuroscope park near the A10 freeway exit. You will attend unique projections of images.

Futuroscope map

During this press conference, the director of Futuroscope also announced the future plans for this gigantic park. From 2023 -2024, a 2nd ecolodge hotel will be created, an Aquascope will also be created with a fabulous water park. The goal of these projects is to increase the number of overnight stays in the heart of the park. The forecasts target +200000 additional nights thanks to the arrival of this accommodation and 300 direct jobs created.

Poitier Futuroscope

This year, the Futuroscope has presented in its development plan the case of 75 employees who will be ceded. Everything to seduce more and more visitors to these leisure parks. Note also that from February the park will broadcast special offers for the inhabitants of the Vienne. The funding comes from the Poitou Charente Region for the most part.

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Where to stay to go to Futuroscope?

You will have the choice between experiences outside the park and inside the park. For that, you will be able to discover from next May the new “Station Cosmos”, the Hotel du futuroscope has 76 rooms, 4 stars.

Where is the futuroscope?

Futuroscope is located in the Vienne department in the commune of Chasseneuil-du-Poitou and Jaunay-Clan, 10 km north of Poitiers. The park is surrounded by the techno

The Futuroscope is located at the pole of the commune of Chasseneuil-du-Poitou. The Futuroscope is easily accessible by the a10 freeway and its exit 28 is only 2 km away. Located 330 km from Paris, the Futuroscope park is located in the Vienne department, 10 km north of

Poitiers, it is accessible by TGV with a dedicated station.

Is the futuroscope open?

No, it closes every year in January. But the reopening is scheduled for February 5th.

How many visitors to the futuroscope?

1.1 million visitors came in 2021 to futuroscope. A figure lower than previous years due in part to the health crisis of covid-19.

What are the prices of the futuroscope?

1 day ticket price Adult (13 years and +) 48€, Child (5-12 years old included) 39€
2 day ticket price Adult (13 years and +) 86€, Child (5-12 years old included) 69€

Free for children under 5 years old
D DAY TICKET PRICE ON SITE from 48€ /adult from 39€ /child

Futuroscope what age for the attractions ?

The attractions are open to children from the age of 6. You have to be 1.05 meters tall to enjoy the main attractions of the park.

Futuroscope or eat?

You can eat in the experiential restaurant “Space Loop” (see above)

What attractions at Futuroscope?


t miss the must-see attractions for your future weekends:

  • The Time Machine
  • Rabbids and Arthur,
  • the 4D Adventure,
  • Rabbids
  • The Little Prince
  • The world of children
  • Arthur’s world
  • Objective March

Fururoscope address

Av. René Monory, 86360 Chasseneuil-du-Poitou

Schedule fururoscope

Park opening hours: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm

Futuroscope photos