Fly High Royal Jordanian Royal Jordanian launches Fly High, a new program for businesses.

Royal Jordanian is rethinking its offer for companies and their business travelers. The airline has just announced the launch of a new corporate program on January 10. Fly High – that’s its name – should target SMEs as well as large accounts. This new tool is based on two pillars: a program called Tiara, which guarantees fare reductions for companies that already have travel programs and organized budgets; and Lionize, which offers practical benefits such as additional baggage allowances and greater flexibility in ticket booking and refund policy


be a champion of customer relations

The launch of the Fly High program is part of a larger five-year plan launched by Royal Jordanian, as the company’s commercial director Karime Makhlouf recalls: ” As part of RJ’s five-year plan to be a customer relationship champion, we are currently working on launching innovative solutions and enhanced digital services, including the recently launched Fly High program. Through this program, companies and their corporate travel agents will receive a substantial, cost-effective service for high-volume travel, with no commitment


Florian Guillemin

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