Flowery dress: How to choose it? Nothing better than a little flowery dress to embody the summer or autumn spirit in your wardrobe. A colorful outfit that for a few years has become one of the essentials of the dressing room. Just like jeans or a perfecto. It is therefore an essential piece in your wardrobe.

The trendy print of the summer

First of all, you’ll have to sort out and choose the right floral dress because it’s a trendy print. But be careful to choose the right length according to your age. We like them long when we want to embody a bohemian style, we prefer them short when we are 20 and have beautiful legs. However, if the length is crucial, you should know that there are other elements to take into consideration. Opt for long sleeves in autumn, and prefer floral dresses with straps, without sleeves, for summer.

Go for originality

Go for original necklines such as lace or a claudine collar or a round neck with discreet embroidery. It can also be knitted even if it is more difficult to wear. The floral print appreciates a little fantasy to break the dull effect that can be attributed to it. Do not hesitate to choose with muslin to break this dull effect.

Which style for my floral dress?

The floral dress can have several styles: it can take the form of a skater dress, a little black dress, a shirt dress, a tight dress, an ultra simple straight dress, a mini-dress, a sheath dress, a wrap dress, a strapless dress, a sweater dress, a tunic dress, a slit dress, an openwork dress, a flounce dress, or a mid-length dress. The floral printed dress is the ultimate summer dress, it can also be with a trapeze collar or with a bare back. It can also be flared, buttoned, it is sometimes worn with bare shoulders.

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A practical dress for all styles

It can be made of viscose, striped or with polka dots. It adapts to all morphologies. But we like it in organic cotton, preferably in maxi dress format and multicoloured, with a pair of boots, it can even be worn as an evening dress for a ceremony or a party outfit. It is one of our favorite women’s clothes. Ample, it can be a linen dress that we will easily wear with ballerinas. The printed dress will be the perfect formal dress in silk chiffon. In winter, we do not hesitate to wear it with thick tights. This woman dress does not appreciate heels or pumps for women.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

We like this floral dress with sneakers or a pair of ballerinas. It is the fluid dress par excellence with thin straps and flared in summer. Fluid and elegant, these women’s dresses embody glamour and femininity. It is often called the liberty dress, in reference to the expensive fabric <a

href=”https://www.libertylondon.com/”>Liberty. It’s a beautiful dress that will be the must-have of your wardrobe


Colours: Avoid colours that don’t suit your complexion and shades that are too brown, which can make you look like an old lady very quickly.

How to wear a floral dress?

The models we like

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Among the models we like, we find for the winter collection 2021-22:

robe fleurie zadig & voltairerobe fleurie zadig & voltaireFlowered dress / Zadig and Voltaire

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