L'étude réalisée pour IWG montre que le travail flexible est en train de se pérenniser. The study conducted for IWG shows that flexible working is becoming a permanent feature.

This is not a surprise, but at least the confirmation of a basic trend: flexible working is favoured by a large majority of French professionals. IWG, the world leader in flexible work spaces with its Regus and Spaces

brands, unveiled a study carried out last September among a sample of 1,000 working people, which showed that 78.5% of them feel more fulfilled since they work flexibly. The new organisation of the week with two or three days of teleworking seems to be a more than accepted formula, since it allows them to combine informal exchanges with their colleagues with the extra concentration allowed at home.

This is a win-win situation, with 43% of professionals saying that they are more effective when working both remotely and at work, rather than exclusively face-to-face or remotely. The habits acquired during the different confinements, the gain in quality of life, especially for managing daily life, between school outings and medical appointments: these elements plead for the perpetuation of this new business architecture, expected by 64% of respondents.

In this context, a majority of workers would like to spend 2 (27%) to 3 (28%) days a week away from home, leaving room for a certain amount of organisational latitude, since almost half of the workers would like to be able to choose the day(s) on which they are remote. The attractiveness of employers is judged by this flexibility, since four out of five respondents make it an essential criterion for applying for a job.

Obviously, some of the figures in this study will give some grounds for satisfaction to the world leader in flexible workplaces by highlighting the interest of professionals in third-party workplaces as an alternative to the office or home. For example, 76% of respondents would like to be able to work in an office closer to home, with 82% saying they would choose a local space to reduce their commuting time.

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Arnaud Deltenre