Fare increases on the Piccadilly line to Heathrow Airport? -Photo: Chris McKenna (Thryduulf), CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

Transport for London, the authority in charge of public transport in the British capital, is facing a public outcry. The agency has just announced that it would like to increase its fares to the various terminals at Heathrow airport. A proposed “Premium Fare” on the Piccadilly route could mean a 60% surcharge on travel to Heathrow


The current fare between Heathrow and London varies between £3.30 and £6.00, depending on the time of travel and the method of payment. In the morning and evening rush hour, the fare is £5.30 with the Oyster Card. This would now be the price to pay all day. The increase would apply from all stations in zone 1, which covers all of central London.

It is

not yet known whether this new fare will apply at weekends


The proposed fare increase would be used to generate new revenue for Transport for London, which is suffering heavy losses due to the pandemic. TfL receives virtually no government subsidy

A decision in February

The government will examine these proposals by the end of the month and will decide on the increase before the deadline for a new funding agreement on February 4


Excluding the “Premium Fare” for Heathrow – which will only result in a “Premium” service on the Tube – the planned fare increases for TfL in 2022 are expected to be 5% over current fares.

Current TfL rail journeys between Heathrow and Zone 1 are already subject to a £10.40 surcharge for a single off-peak journey with an Oyster or contactless card. And this is to fund the airport’s expansions.

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Luc Citrinot