Brussels Airlines

Good news for business travelers who regularly fly with Brussels Airlines: masks are no longer required on board since Tuesday. “As of tomorrow, May 3rd, it will no longer be mandatory for passengers and cabin crew to wear masks on board Brussels Airlines aircraft. This decision was taken today and has been communicated to passengers and staff

“, said the management of Brussels Airlines. It continues: ”

This extends the experience at the airport, where the mask is no longer required for some time, to the plane itself


The airplane has always been a place where the risk of infection is very low

A measure that is an exception in the field of Belgian transport. Indeed, the mask remains mandatory in trains and other public transport. The company points to the specific functioning of the airline sector to justify this decision: ” The plane has always been a place where the risk of infection is very low, thanks to the advanced air filtering systems. Now that the mask is no longer required, we are one step closer to a ‘normal’ travel experience after the pandemic. In some foreign airports, masks are still required. Customers are therefore advised to check the rules in force in the destination country before travelling,”

says Brussels Airlines.

a decision of the company

Unlike the United States, where the lifting of this obligation was enacted by a court decision, it is therefore Brussels Airlines that was able to take this measure relatively autonomously. ” It is a decision of the company, it does not come from us

,” confirmed a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Transport contacted Tuesday. However, Brussels Airlines said that the government had authorized such a relaxation for some time.

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For the time being, there is nothing new in the French sky. ” We apply the regulations in force, so there is no withdrawal of the mask for the moment,” said Tuesday a spokeswoman forAir France.