Renfe en France, SNCF en Espagne : chacune des compagnies lorgne sur le marché de sa voisine. © Patier Renfe in France, SNCF in Spain: each company is vying for its neighbor’s market. Patier

The two railway companies RENFE and SNCF

will cease the joint operation of high-speed train lines between France and Spain. The cooperation between the two carriers will end at the end of 2022.

Launched in 2013, the lines operated jointly by the two operators have never been profitable and SNCF has decided to throw in the towel.

The French national railway company will operate the Paris-Barcelona TGV line alone from 2023. It believes it can ensure its profitability alone. Indeed, operating revenues will no longer have to be shared with its Spanish counterpart, just like the obligation to change train drivers at border crossings.

In Barcelona, passengers will even be able to take a connection on the Barcelona-Madrid line. The SNCF is present on this line with its OUIGO train service.

RENFE operates AVE trains in cooperation with SNCF on the Marseille-Madrid and Lyon-Barcelona routes all year round. It also wants to compete with SNCF on the Paris-Lyon-Marseille and Paris-London routes. In total, there are up to 14 daily trains between France and Spain in the high season.

Luc Citrinot