Premium Economy Class had been introduced on the Emirates network since the beginning of the year. But the number of aircraft was too small, and access to this new intermediate offer remained too occasional. The official launch had to wait. It will finally start on June 1. And French business travelers are among the privileged few who will be able to discover this new class of travel as a priority, since Paris CDG is among the first destinations served, along with London and Sydney. The A380 equipped with the new class of travel is expected to arrive on August 1.

the only airline in the Gulf region to offer an Economy Class

Citing ” a service that rivals the Business Class of many airlines,” the airline’s management is quick to point out that ” Emirates is the only airline in the Gulf region to offer an Economy Class.” ” The Premium Economy Class will be a class of its own with a focus on the customer experience,” said Emirates president Tim Clark. ” Customers traveling in Premium Economy Class will be able to enjoy a higher level of service than in Economy Class at a great value for money.

This customer experience will begin at the airport, with a dedicated check-in area at the Dubai hub, complemented if necessary by the recently installed mobile kiosks. On board, business travelers will discover a cabin dedicated to this new premium offer, with wood paneling reminiscent of business class. The leather seat, reclining 118°, has a 1m high backrest and a 50cm wide seat. It is equipped with a leg rest, foot rests and of course charging sockets. All this is completed by an entertainment screen that stands out for its XXL measurements (13.3 inches). The premium economy offer also includes a blanket and a reusable toiletry kit with hygiene products.

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On the catering side, Emirates has also taken care of its premium product. A welcome drink, a choice of dishes prepared with local and seasonal ingredients, and china service are all on the menu.

The premium class will have a capacity of 56 seats on the A380 (configured as a 2-4-2), compared with a maximum of 24 seats on the Boeing 777.

By the end of the program, 126 Emirates aircraft will be equipped with Premium Economy cabins

For the moment, only six A380s are equipped with this Premium Economy Class. But Emirates intends to accelerate, as Tim Clark says: ” We want to offer this experience on many other routes in our network by launching the retrofit program for 67 A380s and 53 Boeing 777s starting in November. By the end of the program, 126 Emirates aircraft will be equipped with Economy cabins.Premium as well as our brand new amenities in other classes of travel. This isa major investment that will provide our travelers with an unparalleled flying experience,” Emirates’ CEO promises.