Le groupe Kempinski est associé à un projet de palace flottant à Dubaï. The Kempinski Group is involved in a floating palace project in Dubai.

There is no end to innovation in Dubai, or indeed on the part of the Kempinski group. In the emirate, the luxury hotelier was already offering amazing things, with some twenty chalets overlooking the only ski slope in the region within the Mall of the Emirates complex. From now on, it is a floating palace that is expected by 2023. This innovative concept, designed by Seagate Shipyard, convinced the hotelier to join the project, not only because of its cutting-edge technology, “but also because of its impeccable style and design

“, said Bernold Schroeder, managing director of the Kempinski Group.

In an emirate where superlatives are the norm, the future Kempinski Floating Palace will not stand out with its 156 rooms housed in its main building. Divided into four sections, the heart of the floating hotel will also offer all the services guests expect with gourmet restaurants and bars, a spa, pools and boutiques, and even an exclusive banqueting area.

Anchored off Jumeirah Beach, guests will be able to reach the resort by speedboat from the docks. But they will also be able to arrive by their own – luxurious, of course – as the Kempinski Floating Palace will have an exclusive car park for up to 16 yachts, complete with a helipad. The largest boats will even be able to cross the hotel by passing under the glass pyramid which acts as a link between the different parts of the building.

To appeal to an obviously high-end clientele, the Kempinski Floating Palace also offers 12 luxury villas for purchase or rent, linked by pontoons to the floating building. Two to four bedroom, two-storey apartments with roof terraces, infinity pools and dedicated staff. So far, nothing out of the ordinary with the villas often offered by luxury hotels. Except that these luxury homes are also boats! The villas can be detached from their base to sail to other anchorages, at a speed of six nautical miles. And this is environmentally friendly, as the villas, designed according to smart home standards, are equipped with solar panels.