Travelling with your dog in complete peace of mind? This is too often mission impossible in France, where fewhotels still accept them. To meet the expectations of the growing number of people who want to take their favorite animal with them in their luggage, several InterContinental hotels in France welcome them with open arms and offer various ” dog-friendly” packages, whether they are puppies or adult canines!

Will pets be banned from hotels?

That’s the question you might ask when you look at the French hotel landscape. Very fewhotels accept four-legged pets in their corridors. However, these absences due to professional reasons often force the animal to adapt to new conditions of dog care. Perhaps you are so attached to your dog that you have given up travelling. Because for you, it is impossible to abandon him in a dog boarding. You are part of the same family, in a way. Having a relative or friend look after your dog is heartbreaking, and you hate to be separated from your faithful companion. Your dog should have space and the best living conditions.

No pet services

However, the reasons usually given in hotels that refuse pets are the lack of cohabitation between pets and visitors. Indeed, if their owners have an unconsidered love for their dogs, other people find them invasive. Mathilde, 26, a flight attendant, is categorical: ” I don’t go to a hotel to hear dogs barking or worse. I find it disrespectful. ” For her, it’s impossible to cohabit with dogs. Of course, dog sitting is usually the most sought-after option when you have a pet.

A hotel for dogs

Maybe you used to not take your dog with you to the hotel? That you preferred to opt for a dog-sitter? However, some hotels of a major French luxury hotel brand Intercontinental, on the other hand, accept dogs in their luxury hotel. The InterContinental Bordeaux – Le Grand Hotel, located in the historic heart of the Gironde capital, makes life easier for their masters by providing two bowls and a cosy basket adapted to the size of their four-legged friend in the room. Everything is done so that the pet can adapt as quickly as possible to these new conditions.

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Holidays with your dog

At <a href=””>at the InterContinental Lyon – Hotel-Dieu, a new reference inluxury hotels in the capital of France, the special canine welcome kit includes, in addition to a basket and a rug, dog bowls and a box of kibble to be enjoyed in the comfort of the room. As for theInterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu, it offers – in addition to a bowl, a mat and a soft blanket – a dedicated room service menu with fresh and balanced dishes specially prepared for man’s best friend, including a Supreme of farm chicken and steamed seasonal vegetables! In the latter two hotels, the pooches are even given a welcome letter on arrival, indicating the best places to go for a walk in the vicinity in the company of their human!

The opportunity to travel with your dog!

No more apprehension about going on holiday with your pets, you won’t have to entrust him to a foster family or worse to a dog kennel or a dog boarding house. Keeping your dog when you go on holiday is now possible. On the other hand, there will be pet accessories to remember in hotels that will accept your fur ball. First of all you will have to take care of the animals and it will be necessary that the dog is educated preferably, that it is received a certain training with agility courses because it will be a cordial framework where the accepted animals will be in all peace while travelling in the Intercontinental hotels.

What to think about when traveling with your dog

You should also plan a large park nearby, with a green setting, because our four-legged friends like to gallop in the middle of nature. Take your dog for walks, so that he can stretch his legs or run around. You can then leave in complete peace of mind knowing that your pet will be welcomed into the resort thanks to the animal services. Be sure to take treats for your dog that you can give him if he starts barking, just to have peace of mind. A few days before you leave, consider taking your dog for a grooming session to take care of the animals with a good brushing or shampooing. Transporting him in a cage can also be considered if you ever take a plane as a precaution. Take him a toy that he particularly likes to help him adapt to this situation. And this is true no matter how long you stay, because your pet will lose all its bearings. His kennel, his bowl, his environment to which he is accustomed…

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What breeds of dogs in resorts?

There are breeds of dogs that are particularly affectionate, such as the Labrador, which is naturally calm and comforting. All breeds of dogs are accepted in these resorts. Small dogs are preferably accepted. Is your dog a cuddle pump? Does your small dog love to be petted? If so, he or she can join the Intercontinental resort you’ve chosen.You have reserved for the good of everyone, he will have received a canine education too. Also make sure that he is up to date for his vaccinations. The animal health of your faithful companion counts a lot. Therefore, make sure that his certificate of competence is up to date, that his health record is up to date. You can also opt for a health insurance for your dog, perhaps. In any case, pet owners will have to make sure that they respect certain rules. Your small pets can also have pet insurance and be monitored by a veterinarian.

What dog accessories should I get?

While the comfort of your pet will be provided by thedream hotel, be sure to keep it on a leash preferably to avoid conflicts with other guests. Some people may have had a difficult relationship with pets and may be afraid of them. Also, you never know their reaction in advance. You can also opt for a microchip collar to prevent barking or a muzzle depending on how aggressive your dog is. Thehotel resort where you will be staying is counting on your vigilance. Go on vacation with peace of mind, your dog will be received like a master in these luxury Intercontinental hotels that will do everything possible to welcome them in the best conditions.

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Hotels that welcome dogs

InterContinental Bordeaux – Le Grand Hotel
Pet-friendly” offer for €25, including two bowls and a basket adapted to the size of the dog.
Offer subject to availability and conditions.
Information and reservations: 05 57 30 44 96, or
InterContinental Lyon – Hotel Dieu
Pet-friendly” offer for €39 including a basket, two bowls with the dog’s name and a box of kibble.
Letter of welcome for the dog.
Offer subject to availability and conditions.
Information and reservations: 04 26 99 23 30, or
InterContinental Marseille – Hotel Dieu
Pet-friendly” offer at €55 including a dog bowl, a blanket, an anti-dirt set and a deep cleaning in the room.
Special room service card and welcome letter for the dog.
Offer subject to availability and conditions.
Information and reservations: 04 13 42 42 30, <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” or

Visuals for dog-friendly hotels?

Accueil pet friendlyAccueil pet friendlyPet-friendly welcome Accueil pet friendly dans les hôtels IntercontinentalAccueil pet friendly dans les hôtels IntercontinentalPet-friendly welcome in Intercontinental hotels Les hôtels Intercontinental acceptent les animaux dans leurs resortsLes hôtels Intercontinental acceptent les animaux dans leurs resortsIntercontinental hotels accept pets in their resorts