You like to go on adventures and have always dreamed of discovering the Balkan countries? The Balkan Trail is for you! This five-day hike crosses three countries: Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo following the UNESCO World Heritage route. In this article, I explain all the information you need to know before embarking on this magnificent adventure

The Balkan Trail, what is it?

Concretely, The Balkan Trail is a five days trek that crosses three Balkan countries: Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo. During this trek, supervised by French-speaking guides, the participants walk between 13 and 17 km each day for a total of 70 km.

On the program: the discovery of the incredible landscapes of the Balkan Peaks and the surrounding mountain villages. This route is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has already won the World Travel & Tourism Award.

Point de vue depuis la randonnée The Balkan Trail Point de vue depuis la randonnée The Balkan Trail

The itinerary

The adventure starts in Montenegro, more precisely at the base camp of Plav and ends in Podgorica, the capital of the country. A weekly program has been designed so that you can discover the most beautiful places of the three countries in only five days of walking. We find for example the villages of Valbona, Doberdöl or Theth, places not to be missed in my opinion! If you want to discover the details of the route, you can find them here.

As these countries are not easy to walk alone, I find that the presence of experienced French-speaking guides really makes the trek easier. They are there to accompany you and can also give you advice and help you in case of difficulties.

You can choose to come with your family or friends to share this adventure or come alone and join the group of trekkers!

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baignade en eau naturellebaignade en eau naturelle


Where do we sleep?

Each night, the group stops at unique campsites where everyone spends the night in their own tent. Most of the time you will find sanitary facilities that can be used. For the few places where this would not be the case, rivers are always present to cool off.

For the last night of your stay in Podgorica, The Balkan Trail offers you to book a room at the Kerber Hotel for 35€ per person. Nevertheless, you can also choose your own accommodation if you prefer </.

p> Campement The Balkan TrailCampement The Balkan Trail

What do we eat?

It is not possible to find supermarkets on the trail. So I recommend you to book your meals with The Balkan Trail Meals. I think it’s a great opportunity to discover local specialities, served by the families who welcome the travellers. In addition, it allows to support the local population.

This 150€ per person package includes a breakfast, a packed lunch and a delicious dinner during the six days of the adventure. For those who wish, a vegetarian version is even available!

If you don’t want to choose this option, you have the possibility to bring your own meals.

village des Balkansvillage des Balkans

What equipment should I bring?

Some equipment is provided for this trek. Indeed, at the beginning of the adventure, you will receive a road book with information about the route and the places of interest. A GPS tracker is also provided to each group so that an alarm can be triggered in case of emergency.

The Balkan Trail will also send you a list of equipment to bring. I advise you to follow it carefully to be sure not to forget anything! For this kind of experience, I think it is especially necessary to have a good pair of walking shoes in which you are comfortable. I also advise you to always have water and some snacks with you

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As I said, the nights are spent in your own tent. However, if you don’t want to transport your equipment by plane, I recommend you to rent the complete camping equipment that is proposed by the organization!

It is also possible to have your belongings transported between the different camps by horses or 4×4. I find this a really interesting option because it allows you not to have to carry your backpack and thus to be lighter to facilitate the hike!

moment de convivialité durant le trailmoment de convivialité durant le trail

How can I get there?

It is possible to book your flight directly with the organization The Balkan Trail. If so, the departure will be on Saturday from one of the two possible departure cities: Brussels or Paris. Once you arrive in Podgorica, Montenegro, a shuttle bus will take you to the base camp located in Plav. This same shuttle also makes the link between the camp and the airport at the time of the return trip the following Saturday. More information on flights are available here! It is

also possible to book a flight and reach the base camp by your own means

le trail des Balkansle trail des Balkans

When does the adventure take place?

The Balkan Trail takes place every week from the end of July to the beginning of September.

How much does it cost?

The basic price of this experience is 490€. It includes:

  • Six nights camping between Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro.
  • Entrance tickets to national parks and border crossing permits.
  • Internal transportation.

To get the most out of this experience, a GPS tracking system is also included in the price, as well as a route book and advice from knowledgeable guides.

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You also have the possibility to choose additional options:

  • Return flight from 305€.
  • Full board during the six days of the trip with The Balkan Trail Meals for 150€.
  • Equipment rental (3 seasons tent, mattress, sleeping bag, sheets, rock sardines) for 65€ per person.
  • Daily transportation of luggage between the different camps by horses or 4×4 for 120€.
  • Rental of walking sticks for 11€.

le trail des Balkansle trail des Balkans

To summarize:

The Balkan Trail is :

  • Five days of hiking between three countries for a total of 70km.
  • The discovery of breathtaking landscapes.
  • The provision of a road book and a GPS tracker for more security.
  • The Balkan Trail Meals full board option to discover the local culinary specialties.

Dates: departures take place every Saturday from July 23rd to September 3rd included.

Cost: from 490€.

More information :

village des Balkansvillage des Balkans

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