Deep tissue, the deep tissue massage by Valvital. It is in Burgundy that we tested the Deep Tissue massage at the new Valvital thermal center in Santenay. Deep tissue? The name may not tell you much. But at the editorial office, this modelling originating from the United States has held our attention. We tested it in the very beautiful Valvital centre in Burgundy, in Santenay, in Côte d’Or. An address to remember if you are passing by Beaune.

A unique modelling, the deep tissue

In the heart of the Burgundy countryside, the Valvital centre opened its doors last May. In this brand new thermal establishment, the Spa offers many treatments, including the deep tissue, a very slow and deep modelling, that we had the chance to test. Angélique, beautician, explains us all the benefits of this massage. ” The deep tissue was initially targeted at sports clients, because we work the muscle in depth. It is a modelling that brings a deep relaxation. We start with the back, at the level of the trapezius. Then we go down to the buttocks, the legs and the feet. Valvital’s Deep Tissue treatment is perfect for the body and mind. It eliminates muscular tension and improves blood circulation. In the wellness area, each part of the body passes through the expert hands of the practitioner who will succeed in relieving pain with this body modelling. A relaxation massage that is on the new treatment menu of the Valvital establishment where you can recharge your batteries. A Deep Tissue massage is an energetic massage because it tackles the various contractures that we can sometimes feel.

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Great relaxation

A deep tissue massage, for sure, as we immediately felt quite sharp pains in the buttocks and calves. ” We go in the direction of the muscles, we insist, so it is quite normal to feel pain. Because the muscles are too tense. We try to relax the muscles to make them more supple “.there are several levels of pressure during this modelling. There are several levels of pressure during this modelling: “We have the sliding pressures, carried out with the hands or the forearms: they are superficial and slow pressures. Then there are the pressures carried out with the thumb or with the elbow. Here we go deeper into the muscle. With the elbow, we provoke a blood flow to relax the muscle. We then make only one passage. These 4 levels are performed on all parts of the body, except the stomach of course,” she says.

Massage techniques</h2

One could imagine that this treatment would be hard on the beautician. But no, in principle. ” We know well the postures to respect during this modelling. It’s the pressure of our own body that makes us exert this pressure on the person. So it is not more tiring than another care

“, specifies the beautician. This modelling kept all its promises with the customers who also tested it that day. A long massage is a real zen and anti-stress break in this wellness centre. A cocooning treatment with a body treatment was a real escape.

Circular movements to relieve tension

receive a moisturizing massage that allows a parenthesis where the feeling of well-being reaches you. The relaxation offers a vital energy, this relaxing modelling allows to rebalance the energies and to reach a deep relaxation. You will be soothed by this body massage. Undoing muscular tension brings real and deep relief. Releasing tension is one of the most appreciated rituals by Valvital clients. Different massage techniques will allow you toeliminate toxins and evacuate stress thanks to the slow movements of this therapy from the United States. A good sensory massage that offers one of the most appreciated body treatments. At the end of the massage table, you will feel a real sense of calm and muscle relaxation thanks to this gentle massage


A tonic massage technique

Getting a

body massage by a practitioner allows the elimination of toxins and muscle pain even if therelaxing effect leads to the appearance of new muscle tensions. This ritual leads to an energetic serenity that allows to evacuate stress. Say goodbye to your aches and pains during these wellness massages, the whole body appreciated this relaxing massage. The back massage was the ultimate relaxing massage, you find a vitality. It allows to untie tensions at the level of the articulations. The benefits of massage are numerous: anti-stress, therapeutic, soothing. Theopportunity to relax and let go. This relaxing massage emphasizes the fluid movements and stimulates the points of the Meridians. The masseuse relieves you in depth: the relaxation allows to eliminate toxins. As with a wellness massage

, I recommend stretching before the massage.

An effective palpate and roll therapeutic massage

A Deep Tissue treatment to remember then. In this time of <a href=”

With the start of the new school year and an overloaded agenda, it is high time to take a break and relax

with a treatment that we recommend with your eyes closed. In a green centre, in the heart of a preserved nature.


Opening of the Valvital Thermal Spa: Monday to Sunday.

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday: 2pm to 8pm

Friday to Saturday: 2pm to 9pm

Sunday: 10am to 6pm

Tel: +33 (0)3 79 48 00 00

Rates: From 19 euros for access to the adult aqua-relaxation area.

Deep Tissue modelling : 88 euros (60 mn).

We were at the Valvital centre to test the deep tissue treatment Un massage deep tissueUn massage deep tissue A deep tissue massage Un coin jacuzzi avant le massage permet d'entamer le processus de relaxationUn coin jacuzzi avant le massage permet d'entamer le processus de relaxationA jacuzzi corner before the massage allows to start the relaxation process The deep tissue treatment allows a real relaxation L'accueil du centre ValvitalL'accueil du centre ValvitalThe reception of the Valvital centre