Amadeus and Microsoft are taking a new step in their rapprochement in the field of business travel. The two partners have announced the integration of Cytric within Microsoft 365. Business travelers will thus be able to access the new possibilities offered by Cytric Easy, in particular to optimize the organization of their business trips, and the sharing of information internally. In concrete terms, this new module will allow professionals to plan and share the details of their business trips with their colleagues within their everyday tools such as Microsoft Outlook or Teams. The goal is to encourage shared travel between several employees before and during the trip. And this without leaving the Microsoft environment.

Improve productivity and facilitate compliance with travel and expense programs

Working with Microsoft last year, our goal was to reinvent business travel. With Cytric’s integration into the modern Microsoft 365 work environment, switching between applications will be a thing of the past, improving productivity and facilitating compliance with travel and expense programs,” said Rudy Daniello, Executive Vice President, Amadeus Cytric Solutions. ” This collaboration with Microsoft simplifies decades-old processes that impact finance, purchasing and travel departments. And all of this is just the first step in our shared vision to transform the travel and expense experience,” he adds.

This first step will soon be followed by other innovations, already unveiled by both partners. Amadeus and Microsoft have announced that the Outlook calendar invitations will be enriched ” shortly “, with the preferred departure location of each user, or the preferred destination according to the location and dates of a meeting, and this upstream of the search process. The tool should also evolve towards recommendations and advice, for example by identifying airports to avoid during a stopover. These recommendations will also include a sustainable development component, pointing out not only the fastest or most economical options, but also the most ecological ones. Expense management is also on the roadmap for this integration.

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The integration of Cytric within Microsoft 365 will make the traveler’s experience even more seamless,” assures Eric Bailey, Global Travel Director for Microsoft. ” The ability to book airline tickets or manage travel expenses without leaving the daily work applications will contribute to the ease of use. All of this will make the travel experience easier and eliminate some of the usual booking challenges.”