I wrote this article a few months ago because many of you wanted to travel to Lapland

during the winter (2020/2021). It was not really possible to enjoy Lapland last winter except in Swedish Lapland where we could go.

Today, I’m giving you an update on the current situation and the restrictions in place in each of the countries that make up Lapland.

You will find below the information that I have in my possession and that I try to update as often as possible. I have also put below the date of update of my article. I also give you the links of the official sites to consult because the situation can change from one day to the next. In addition to the information found here, I invite you to consult the official sources as well as the website of the government of your country to know the recommendations and restrictions of travel.

This article was updated on 11/07/2021

Covid and travel in Finnish Lapland

It was impossible to travel in Finnish Lapland last winter. Finland kept pushing back its restrictions as the weeks went by leaving little visibility for travelers.

The situation on the spot has been quite good for months and vaccination continues at a good pace. Since a few weeks, Finland has finally relaxed its entry rules and good news, it is again possible to travel for tourist stays. For that some conditions all the same!

For a certain number of countries like France, it is necessary to be able to meet one of these conditions
– the person has received a complete series of vaccinations (one or two doses depending on the vaccine) and that at least 14 days have passed since the last vaccination.
– the person has had a covid-19 disease and has received at least one dose of vaccine and at least one week has passed since the dose of vaccine
– the person has had a covid-19 disease less than 6 months ago.

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If you do not meet any of these three conditions, you will not be able to enter Finland at present.

In addition, you should check the requirements of the airlines, which often still ask for a PCR test less than 72 hours old. Check this point carefully!

Useful links for Finland

Stay homeStay home

Covid and travel to Norwegian Lapland

Since the beginning of July, it is possible to enter Norway without quarantine if you come from a green country. To see which countries are green, see the Fni link below. At the time of writing (11/07) France is a green country!

Beware all this can change quickly, always check the information from official sources.

Useful links for Norway

<img width=”960″ height=”642″ src=”https://www.je-papote.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/coronavirus-illustration.jpg” alt=”” />

Covid and travels in Swedish Lapland

Sweden was the only Nordic country where it was possible to travel these last months. However, a PCR test was required for entry depending on the country of arrival.


here are the conditions of entry:

From June 30, 2021 and until August 31, 2021, to enter Sweden it is necessary to present:
– unvaccinated persons: a PCR test or negative antigen of less than 72 hours;
– vaccinated persons: no test but a proof of double vaccination for more than 14 days

Useful links for Sweden


can be said that the situation has changed a lot. We have gone from no travel restrictions (especially in Finland and Norway) to an almost unrestricted opening. This is good news for next winter, but with the Delta variant, it is wise to be well informed of possible changes!

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And if nature is calling you, here are a few suggestions of destinations in France that I particularly like and that could make you wait before Lapland

  • The Jura Mountains: we call this area the little Lapland
  • The Champsaur & Valgaudemar: mountains and authenticity (this is my favourite region in France)
  • The Vercors, the Triève: 100% natural destinations
  • The Ossau valley in the Pyrenees (Jérôme’s favourite spot)

Route Jura HiverRoute Jura Hiver Snowy road in the Jura

And to make you feel a bit like you are in Lapland while waiting to come there :

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