Costa Croisière Zumba: the new cruise. Alix and his team, Zumba class leaders in Paris since 2009, have teamed up with Costa Cruises to offer 360 students from all over France a unique themed mini-cruise experience. More than 15 hours of Zumba classes with a team of 10 teachers, DJs, pool parties, themed parties and customized ensembles concocted by Costa Tuscany and the shore team on this five-day program. Hiking plans take advantage of gentle stops in the Mediterranean Sea.

A costa zumba cruise

Participants gather around their enthusiasm and for many this will be their first trip. They will also be the first to board the new cruise ship, which will debut in March 2022. Costa Tuscany is a “new generation” ship and is the second Costa ship to use LNG in port and at sea, significantly reducing its environmental impact. It pays tribute to Italy, offering a new travel experience inspired by Italian style, hospitality and friendliness at sea. All cabins offer creative cuisine and unparalleled comfort.

Zumba Cruise 2019

Perhaps you’ve already tasted the pleasure of a Zumba cruise? Before covid-19? Two years ago, a winning bet for the cruise brand that decided to offer themed mini-cruises with Zumba dance classes.

100% dance and party experience

Zumba® classes all day long in the sun with your favorite teacher, 2 stopovers in Italy and Spain, themed parties, pool parties with DJs, and many other surprises on board. An unforgettable vacation by definition! You will enjoy more than 15 hours of Zumba with two hours of fitness classes in teams, 1 hour of themed classes, pool parties and more! A trip that will take you from the port of departure Marseille to Savona in Italy and Barcelona in Spain. You will find a festive atmosphere on board.

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Costa Zumba cruise: leisure activities

On board, everything has been rethought! All cabins have been completely redesigned for design, comfort and style: interior, exterior, balcony, the choice is yours! There are different shows every night, a casino, a discotheque, several pools and jacuzzis! Everything is thought out to offer you the best possible vacation on board. For leisure activities, in addition to the Zumba® program, there is a state-of-the-art fitness room, an athletics track, a multi-sports field, 4 swimming pools, a water park with multiple slides and a spa with 16 treatment rooms (hammam, sauna, salt grotto), a shopping mall and many other surprises! Plenty to keep you busy on the ship. A variety of facilities are also available.t available on the boat, including a fitness room, multi-sports court, running track and spa to relax after an intense workout or land excursion. You can also take dance classes for your own enjoyment…

Costa zumba cruise: boat

A trip in 3 countries: France, Italy, Spain. Discover the beautiful ports of the Italian Riviera and the beaches, tapas and docks of Barcelona! On board the new Costa Toscana, you will be on an absolutely grand ship at sea! With the launch of the new Costa Fleet ship in December 2021, you will have the opportunity to be among the first to enjoy a mini-cruise in the Mediterranean in these special conditions due to covid-19. On board, Costa cruises expects 4918 people including 1,682 crew members on the 330-meter sailing ship. Costa has redesigned the 2,600 cabins, each one more beautiful than the last. Perhaps you will be able to experience the concept of the “Silent Disco” which consists of assigning a headset to each dancer. The latter then chooses the music on which he/she dances. Maybe the opportunity to put into practice the Zumba dance classes you have learned? All in a festive atmosphere on board.

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Costa Diadema 2019

Design, comfort and style will be the key words of your stay! A real cocoon to recharge with friends or family before leaving to party with us! A ship inspired by the Costa Diadema, a ship that was released in 2019.

Costa cruise zumba: restaurant

This new approach will bring an unprecedented experience, a rethought modern design style. Add to that elegant and innovative facilities, healthy and creative cuisine and unparalleled comfort in all cabins. Departing from Marseille, the cruise will take you to Barcelona and Savona, offering a variety of excursions to discover all the riches of a stopover in Catalonia and the beautiful port of Liguria, not far from Genoa, one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. Italian cuisine, buffet or table service, all you can eat from breakfast to dinner… The best of Italian and international cuisine, with 11 specialty restaurants and 19 bars with different atmospheres, ice cream and coffee stands, chocolates and pastries, serving the most delicious dishes.

A non-polluting ship

The fight against climate change and the protection of marine ecosystems are an integral part of Costa’s sustainability journey. Powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG), Toscana illustrates the company’s focus on responsible innovation and encapsulates its vision for the future. “Odorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive, LNG is considered the cleanest fossil fuel in the world. “Using LNG can eliminate sulfur dioxide emissions, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25%, nitrogen oxide emissions by 85% and reduce particulate matter by 95%.

And don’t think of it as a communication tool, as the brand has been committed to reducing food waste for many years! Onboard, sustainability continues with the 4

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GoodFood, which reduces food waste by 50%. Costa also has a partnership with the French Federation of Food Banks and distributes surplus food in Marseille.

Costa cruise Zumba covid-19

A health protocol has been developed with a group of independent scientific experts to regularly update the cruise ship with the current situation as it evolves. Online check-in, terminal control, reduced number of passengers, redesigned areas, disinfection and clean air, fully equipped on-board medical center, 100% safe cruise. Everything is put in place to protect all cruise passengers.

Program costa cruises zumba

Departure of the cruise: Marseille

Day 2: at sea

Day 3: Savona

Day 4: at sea

Day 5: Barcelona

Return to Marseille

Croisiere zumba fare

Cruises departing from Marseille from May 1 to 5, 2022, fares are 629 euros per person in an inside cabin for two. Information and reservations: www.croisiè

Costa Croisières Zumba