Coronavirus and summer vacations: the rundown: Everything you need to know from international and domestic travel restrictions to cruise and hotel news, here’s what travel will look like this summer

. So getting away for the holidays will be possible. On the agenda before the resumption dates: ideas for outings,Fine sand for this planned family holiday in the middle of nature. For this family holiday, a water pool, walks will enliven your family holiday. The whole family will take advantage of the good plans for these great holidays! The opportunity to recharge your batteries during this holiday break!

Is it possible to travel?

This summer will be like no other because the pandemic that has been hitting the world for two years now marks a new chapter. The arrival of the vaccine against the coronavirus has allowed many citizens to be vaccinated. As a result, testing and quarantine requirements in the United States and abroad have continued to ease. More than 100 destinations around the world relaxed, believing that the coronavirus was over. However, this was never really the case. Do you dream of a trouble-free holiday by the sea, a short break with sports activities? Do you want a holiday by the sea? Or in the mountains? Go on holiday immediately.

Many activities

After a year punctuated by confinement and covid, many travelers take advantage of this summer period to move and travel, reuniting with family and friends, returning to old haunts and finally booking those historic trips we spent more than a year dreaming about with nostalgia. Even if summer travel is profoundly different for holidaymakers than it was last year. With many parts of the world still reeling from the pandemic and parts of the U.S. moving cautiously toward a new normal thanks to the vaccine, travel still brings a lot of uncertainty – from fluctuating flight schedules to varying reopening school calendars and numerous travel requirements.

We’ve rounded up our coverage on everything



and travel, from a list of countries open to legal vaccination requirements in some countries to a look at how cruise ships are using this time to rethink interiors. Pass sanitairePass sanitaireHealth Pass

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Which countries are reopening their borders to travelers?

Some trends are clear: As rates

vaccination requirements are increasing, many destinations are going beyond the COVID-19 and negative quarantine test requirements, and giving travellers the option of showing proof of full vaccination. Unsurprisingly, vaccine passports, which generated much discussion earlier in the year, are being implemented – throughout the European Union (EU) as well as in the US with the Digital Green Certificate, and in New York with the Excelsior Pass option, to name a few. Some destinations offer COVID vaccines to visitors – although there are a few things to think about before flying to a destination.

Theme parks, including Disneyland, Futuroscope or Portaventura are now open, with reduced capacity and mandatory reservations. New hotels are opening, as are restaurants.

Where to go this summer when you’re ready to hit the road?

Here are some tips on where to start. While the government has asked but not required the French to stay local for now, favor nearby French beaches. You can also cool off in a hotel pool without breaking the bank for a full stay: simply buy a day pass. Even a short weekend getaway from the big city can feel like a great adventure after the past year. The pandemic is forcing events to take place outdoors. Consider trying hiking for a weekend or daring to climb a via ferrata course, as there are now a number of them open to all with reservations, the idea being to focus on outdoor activities without the crowds.

If you have a trip to a national park in the US in the works, note that many have reopened even if the borders are still closed. For those traveling with children, we also have some ideas especially for you. If you are traveling with children who are not vaccinated, there are a few things to keep in mind before school starts. Put school back on your mind. Prepare your vacation properly and plan sports activities to keep kids busy. Back-to-school time will come much sooner than you think.

Choosing a destination

Outdoor activities, such as a day spent lounging on a beach like Leucate remain popular this summer. If you’re due back in the office in the next few months, consider enjoying your freedom or working remotely from another country. A number of destinations have remote work visas that allow tourists to stay for up to a year.

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Our comprehensive guide to working from anywhere also includes tips on bringing school-age children with you, the equipment you need to work on the road and what those who have worked remotely – by choice – have learned.

How are these new low-cost airlines able to offer such low fares, Learn about the new low-cost airlines offering cheap flights this summer

Plan a trip this fall if you want to go on vacation. Plan a fall international trip now or put off your foreign desires until later.

Travel by air right now

While airports are officially busy again, you can’t say it’s crowded at international airports right now. Take advantage of this time to use your miles and deferrals. since vouchers have expiration dates. If you’re flying this summer – or planning a trip for later this year – be aware that cheaper pandemic airfares are already starting to climb.

There are still some pandemic-era pains when it comes to flying. Flights continue to be rescheduled for travelers, so make sure you know what you’re owed if and when that happens. Check-in lines can be long, which means you’ll need to allow extra time to get to the airport. After a year of social distancing, the experience of being in an airport can be overwhelming for many travelers. If you haven’t flown in a while, we’ve got a rundown of everything to expect when flying this summer.

What do hotel stays look like?

As travel picks up, hotels are also getting busier. There are a number of exciting new openings, in all parts of the world, ready to receive their summer guests. You can expect security measures such as indoor mask requirements and extra disinfection to continue in many hotels for some time – loyalty benefits also remain more flexible than ever – although hopefully the experience will be a little more comfortable than last summer, thanks to the peace of mind the vaccination rollout has provided.

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Some hotels are offering fantastic “work from home” packages, if you want to extend your trip during the work week. Or, if you’re looking for a rental, whether to accommodate more family members or just to stay a little longer.

When traveling in hotels, consider stays that have the greater positive impact on the local community.

Cruise Returns

A number of cruisers have been returning to business this summer, since late June. And cruise enthusiasts are thrilled: after a year without cruising, the upcoming itineraries are more beautiful than ever and the ships have undergone significant transformations. Of course, to participate in these sailings, tests and proof of vaccination will be required for these upcoming vacations, among other things.

Some travelers choose to charter private yachts and sailboats before returning to larger ships.

What to take with you on a cruise?

Face masks and hand sanitizer are still the go-to accessories wherever we go. Some travellers feel more comfortable with a face shield.

Essential travel documents

Passport renewal services have resumed, but be prepared for potential delays. Here’s what you need to know if your passport expires in the next year.

From now on, it will be essential in Europe to have the vaccination passport that states the status of your vaccinations. This vaccination passport has provoked many reactions, particularly in France. It will be essential for you to participate in or attend virtual events, movies and stay in a restaurant, among others. If you find yourself in the latter category, take advantage of Airbnb virtual experiences or add some foreign language TV shows to your Netflix queue. Feel free to browse our favorite international recipes.