A travers une première campagne de publicité, Châteauform' a présenté sa nouvelle signature de marque : Through a first advertising campaign, Châteauform’ presented its new brand signature: “Let’s reveal your talents”.

Speech is silver, but silence is golden. So when we break it, it’s often to say important things, things that touch you, that correspond to your deepest values. Châteauform’ is not usually very forthcoming in its communications, and for a long time has relied on word-of-mouth to let people know about the quality of its inspiring seminar venues. However, Châteauform’ has decided to speak out. And it has done so through a first advertising campaign

, broadcast over the last few weeks on BFM and BFM Business, which highlights its new brand signature: “Let’s reveal your talents”.

This campaign affirms the importance that the leader in corporate events in Europe attaches, not to what it might consider employees or collaborators, but simply to talents. Indeed, since its creation 25 years ago, Châteauform’ has put people at the heart of its corporate strategy, based on the principle that happy talents make for happy customers, and ultimately

happy shareholders.

Autonomy rather than hierarchy, adventure vs. rules or processes, salaries seen as an investment and not a cost: Châteauform’ has long opted for a management style that values the originality of each individual, at all levels of the company. Magaly Gaudin, who is responsible for “human resources” – and not the director of human resources – emphasizes that ” the human factor is at the heart of our concerns and our decisions, whether it be with regard to our talents, our clients or our partners


Châteauform’ does not intend to preach these strong convictions in the desert and today invites all executives and managers to change their relationship with work, seen not as a simple source of profit but as a factor of dignity and fulfillment. And, in line with its new brand signature, this major player in seminars wants to embark its clients on a conversion of the way they look at management, made all the more important today by the war for talent and its necessary retention. We want a gentle revolution around people,” explains Magaly Gaudin. Companies urgently need to make this shift if they want to last.

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a href=”https://www.voyages-d-affaires.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/chateauform-talents-contact-autres.jpg”>“It’s time forcompanies to put people and their talents at the center, and we’re going to help them reveal them,” say Benjamin and Daniel Abittan, respectively Managing Director and co-founder of the group. “Just like at home, “added warmth”: through the friendliness and generosity of its 70 sites in France and Europe, Châteauform’ offers the right conditions for this revelation. These are homes where life is good, where relationships can be forged, where the rooms are designed so that you don’t have to stay alone,” notes the group’s human resources manager. This creation of links is the essential ingredient for revealing oneself, both individually and collectively. Especially since the brand signature “Let’s reveal your talents” will infuse its spirit into all these houses, with Châteauform”s host couples and “magic planners” making a point of advising organizers to distill it into the course of their seminars and training sessions.

Contact Châteauform’ at +33 1 79 35 35 35.