Annonce du partenariat entre CDS Groupe et Amadeus Value Hotels.Announcement of the partnership between CDS Group and Amadeus Value Hotels.

A few days after announcing the acquisition of Rydoo’s Travel activity

, CDS Group strengthens its core business, corporate hotel reservations, by opening up to Amadeus Value Hotels’ content. The aggregator developed by Amadeus represents an offer of more than 500,000 establishments worldwide that travel agencies will now be able to propose to their customers at attractive prepaid rates.

“Leveraging our global footprint, we negotiate competitive fare offers, backed by Amadeus’ quality assurance and technology. We are very pleased to be able to offer this to all agencies connected with CDS Group” said Bertrand Poey, General Manager, France, Amadeus. At the same time, Ziad Minkara, Managing Director of CDS Group, underlined that the Amadeus Value Hotels offer was “expected by our agencies

” and will now be available through the various Self-Booking-Tools such as The Treep, KDS, Concur, Traveldoo.

This partnership allows CDS and its client agencies to access this expanded content, but also and above all to a reservation system that allows them to easily compare several hotel offers on a single screen. Through filters, travel agents will have access to relevant information on the services of the establishments in order to find the hotel that best suits their clients’ needs. In addition, on-screen indicators highlight the most competitive room combinations and rates.

In addition to these selection features, the travel agent can also choose between different rates and payment options and take advantage of payment support, all part of a simplified billing and reconciliation process for agencies.

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Arnaud Deltenre