Immerse yourself in the vastness of Canada

, its wilderness, its livable cities, its beautiful national parks and its brilliant winters. Plongez dans l’immensité du CanadaPlongez dans l’immensité du CanadaImmerse yourself in the immensity of Canada

Travel experience in Canada

Discover a gigantic country that, from coast

to coast

, reveals different facets.
Canada, a land of lakes, forests and mountains that stretch to the horizon, stands out as much for its wilderness as for its people, who foster innovation in food, crafts and art. From the secret distillery hidden in the heart of the
Gaspé Peninsula to the Repère Boréal and its tiny houses in Charlevoix, passing by the workshop of an extraordinary ceramist in Vancouver or this restaurant that works only in short
circuit in Montreal

, you will not be disappointed!

Immensity of Canada

Dive into the immensity of Canada, its wilderness, its livable cities, its national parks of unparalleled beauty and its brilliant winters. A map of Canada at the beginning of the book and a clear division by region to find your way. Artistic photos and a modern and uncluttered graphic design to discover in images the
2nd largest country in the world. Detailed texts to learn more about themes such as the country’s different architectural styles

, traditional lobster fishing or the preservation of whitecoats.

The essentials of Canada

In each chapter: A presentation in pictures of the “Essentials”, the “must-sees” not to be missed and a thematic walk/itinerary to be done in each of the regions
of the country such as the lighthouse route in Gaspésie, the Icefields Parkway in the Rockies or a canoe trip in Algonquin Park

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The author of this small hedonistic atlas Canada

Maud Simon was born in 1991 in Paris. As a journalist and photographer, she reports from France and elsewhere in the world, from Russia to Japan, meeting

s work combines the journalistic aspect of documentary with a strong sense of aesthetics inspired by cinematography. Her work combines the journalistic aspect of documentary with a strong sense of aesthetics inspired by cinematography. By capturing natural beauty, she seeks to provide an authentic vision of the regions she visits. Since 2017, she has been exploring the vast spaces of Canada, from the Gaspé coast to the peaks of the Rockies.

Collection Petit atlas hédoniste Canada by Maud Simon at Éditions du Chêne
256 pages, hardcover,

Released in April
29.90 €