Newton OfficesBy 2025, the Newton Offices catalog should total 25 sites for a surface area of some 125,000 m² of flexible office space

According to the roadmap unveiled at the beginning of March, Newton Offices is shifting into higher gear. It must be said that the health crisis has highlighted a new relationship with the office, telecommuting and third places. And that the reaffirmed support of KKR allows Newton Offices and its parent company Tivoli Capital to harbor certain ambitions for the months and years to come… ” The health crisis has been a gas pedal of trends, precipitating the conversion of large groups to flexible workspace solutions,” say Newton Offices’ managers. ” The model of flexible offices with services offered by Newton Offices has been greatly strengthened by the crisis

,” they say.

Focused on regional development, Newton Offices now has five sites. These are Marseille, Montpellier, Aix-en-Provence, Lille and Lyon. And five other projects were already known, their construction having already started. These projects target the South of France, with projects expected in Nice

Grand Arenas, Sophia Antipolis and Marseille Saint Charles, as well as Marcq-en-Baroeul and Limonest. But the renewal of the partnership with KKR will bring the Newton Offices portfolio to 25 sites for some 125,000 square meters of flexible office space.

the objective of tripling our acquisitions by 2025

While Newton’s management does not rule out a foray into the Paris market in the longer term, this new roadmap remains focused on regional development. With a particular focus this time on the West of the country. Guillaume Pellegrin, founder of Tivoli Capital and Newton Offices, explains: ” Our offer aims to transform the office market in major cities with exceptional workspaces rented at flexible conditions. Today we are proud to announce the renewal of our partnership with KKR with the goal of tripling our acquisitions by 2025. KKR’s renewed support will enable us to accelerate our development in line with our raison d’être: to accompany the deployment of the economy in the regions. After the South, the North and the Lyon region, we are now turning our attention to the West with projects in Bordeaux, Toulon and the South of France.

se and Nantes, before strengthening our presence in Lyon, Lille and Marseille with new Newton Offices sites.

Florian Guillemin