I left for the Dominican Republic for the second time to rediscover the country in a completely atypical and original way, far from the clichés of Punta Cana. From the plane, the journey begins. Direction Santo Domingo for an exceptional trip for a duration of 15 days. We give you our route, our itinerary, our best addresses not to be missed.

Travel Dominican Republic

To leave in Dominican Republic was the best decision that we took. Just to break our fast pace, to take a little sun and enjoy beautiful beaches. I really needed it. To do nothing, to relax, to breathe, to enjoy life without questioning… That’s roughly the program, after a summer exploring Iceland, I needed warmth and sun to recover my morale after my setbacks with Cision and Similarweb. That’s how our trip starts after months of uncertainty due to Covid-19. The day before leaving for the Dominican Republic, a feeling of relief comes over me: the vaccines have been done, the papers are in order. Nothing is against our stay in Dominican Republic. To us, the sun and the beaches bordered of palm trees and coconut palms. What is top because that creates natural shade!

15 days in dominican republic

The spots of diving are counted in great number in the country of the cigars and the plantations of rum with the fields of sugar cane. The luxuriant vegetation offers a dream setting for this trip to the Dominican Republic. Between water sports, fine sandy beaches on the north coast, the attractions are numerous in the country that Christopher Columbus discovered. Everything will seem heavenly with these long sandy beaches where you can enjoy moments of idleness as if you were in a spa resort. The turquoise blue will not leave you even during all-inclusive stays on these white sand beaches.

Dominican Republic Passport

All you need is a valid passport and a travel card that was issued to you on the plane. No visa required! If you wish to stay longer than one month, you will have to pay an additional fee.

Where is the Dominican Republic located?

The Dominican Republic is located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea between Cuba and Puerto Rico, on the border with Haiti. The island faces the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south. It is known that the Dominican Republic is mainly for its superb paradisiacal beaches, but it is also a mountainous zone in the middle, with the highest mountain of the Caribbean: the Pico Duarté (3098 meters).

Dominican Republic covid

No compulsory vaccination is required for the Dominican Republic, nevertheless after information, it would seem that the country is made an enormous effort of vaccination to protect its population, according to several professionals that we crossed. On the spot, however, we were repeatedly taken by some unpleasant diarrhea. Although we had followed the hygiene rules to the letter, which consisted of not drinking tap water. In fact, I was more afraid of mosquitoes than of Covid-19. Therefore, plan a complete medicine kit with a good anti-mosquito.

Flight Dominican Republic

To go to the Dominican Republic, we had opted for flights with Iberia with a stopover in Miami. It was the easiest way from our departure city: Toulouse. Iberia is a Spanish airline created in 2009. We had an hour of transit in Madrid. For your information, this requires changing terminals and it usually takes about 24 minutes. But the international airport of Madrid is very well done. You just have to take a free metro shuttle that connects the two terminals. We were able to board after a long wait standing up. In the plane, we were installed in two seats on the sides, so I was close to the windows in order to follow my journey on the control screens and see the first landscapes seen from the sky. The trip is still very long though (10 hours of flight). Another detail: the meal trays are really not great. It’s ultra light.

Dominican Republic time

Once arrived on the spot, the jet-lag is 5 hours late. Therefore, when it is 5pm in France, it is 12pm in the Dominican Republic. But, the main characteristic of the weather in Dominican Republic is that the sun sets earlier than in Europe. Count a sunrise around 6:30 am and a sunset around 6 pm.

Road trip dominican republic

Our stay in Dominican Republic was finally going to begin for 15 days. If I prefer to reassure you immediately on the security, one of the most common clichés on this island. In the Dominican Republic, the mayor and the municipal council administer 124 municipal districts and one national district. Throughout the 16th century, Santo Domingo became the metropolis of the Spanish colony of the New World. This trip gave me a good impression of this country that knows how to combine quality tourism with real tourist infrastructures that can satisfy demanding travelers, and take measures to protect cultural authenticity, nature and place.

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Dominican Republic dangerous or not?

We have no feeling of insecurity there. As in other places, it can be a bit scary in sensitive areas (like some areas of Santo Domingo) but overall we have never been bothered. The Dominicans are absolutely charming, smiling and always ready to help each other. No feeling of being isolated. We did not suffer any natural disaster. No earthquake, no cyclone.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic

As I told you, after a summer exploring Iceland, I had a vital need to do nothing. In short, to enjoy a great vacation in a little paradise and do nothing. That was my travel requirement when we decided to go on vacation to the Dominican Republic.caine. Julien, on the other hand, is never averse to fidgeting and doesn’t like to sit around doing nothing. He has a visceral need to move. Which can be exhausting at times, and take my word for it, it can be exhausting at times. So when we decided on this travel destination, I demanded a vacation in the real sense of the word.

Weather Dominican Republic

The weather forecast on the spot announced good heat, humidity and water temperature around 24°C. That’s exactly why we were going. It has a tropical climate, it is recommended to stay there between December and April. We went there in late November and early December. So this country has a tropical climate with two distinct seasons: the rainy season from May to October and the dry season from December to April. It is hot all year round, with the highest temperature between 30°C and 32°C.

Going to the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, there are two distinct seasons of life on the island:
-The rainy season takes place between May and October; it is characterized by heavy but usually short rainfalls, mainly in the late afternoon. The sun is always out during the day. This season has the highest temperature, ranging from 23°C to 32°C. The constant heat and humidity can be unbearable at times, so we do not recommend exploring the Dominican Republic during this period.

-The dry season, from December to April, is the most pleasant time to consider staying on the island as the air is drier and there is less rainfall. The air is more breathable, especially because the temperature is slightly cooler between 20°C and 30°C. Therefore, this is the most pleasant time for you to spend a lazy holiday on the beautiful beaches of the country. If you go to the mountains, there is a risk of rain all year round, there is nothing obvious in these two seasons. The same is true in the north-eastern part of the country: the dry season rains more frequently there than in the southern part of the island, where it hardly rains at all. You will easily enter the waters of the Repùblica Dominicana because the water temperature varies between 26°C in February and 29°C in August. Therefore, you can swim in the warm water all year round.

Language Dominican Republic

The official language is Spanish. I speak a little Spanish, which helped us a lot at times. In fact, although I can stammer a few common phrases, I understand it better than I speak Spanish. This is thanks to a Spanish teacher who was great. Although I don’t like the language, I always got good grades (16 in the baccalaureate). Then I also took courses at the University of Toulouse le Mirail which is probably one of the best Spanish universities in Europe. As a result, I was good in theme, less good in version but Spanish was never a difficulty for me. In general, I have always been good at learning and speaking foreign languages – I speak Russian, Spanish and English. Is the Dominican Republic French? That’s the question you can ask yourself.The number of hotels run by French people is absolutely crazy. Globally, you will cross there a great number of French expats who live on the spot.

Dominican Republic France

Globally, the fact of being more or less with a good level of Spanish helped us a lot when France modified its rules of entry on the national territory due to the covid-19. The 5th wave forced France to control its borders more, and as a result, while we were basking in the sun on a sandy beach, the President of the French Republic imposed a sanitary pass control and a PCR test at the entrance of the territory. We had to rush to a medical centre in the Dominican Republic to carry out the famous PCR test, which was negative. I believe in all sincerity that I have never enjoyed speaking Spanish so much. The test was never controlled at the French border, we were barely asked for a health pass! And then, we wonder why the covid is gaining ground ! The customs officer that we had, to whom I allowed myself to make the remark, specified that he “already had enough work and that he was not a sick guard! ”

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Where to go in Dominican Republic?

We had decided to take advantage of this vacation and not see everything as we usually do. Therefore, our itinerary was built in all simplicity. We had decided not to go to Punta Cana, a tourist city which counts on its superb beaches to make the difference.

  • Santo Domingo Dominican Republic – 2 days
  • Las Terrenas Dominican Republic-4 days
  • Samana, Dominican Republic-1 day
  • Las Galeras Dominican Republic – 4 days
  • Cabrera – 1 day
  • Nagua, – 2 days
  • Puerto-Plata – 1 day
  • Return to Bocachica, a seaside resort near the capital of the country -1 day

How to get around in the Dominican Republic?

For this trip, we took a guagua. Roughly speaking, the guagua is a minibus that can carry up to 10-12 people. If you are not afraid of the roads, you can rent a car at any time to gain mobility! Prefer renting a 4×4 (about 60 euros per day) to face the potholes, the unsealed tracks. Before you set off on your journey, make sure you check the rental agreement, check the car and take out travel insurance. As for gasoline, it’s a little cheaper than in France, and you can easily find a gas station. If possible, avoid driving at night, more dangerous.

Budget Dominican Republic

The national currency is the Dominican peso (represented by RD $), which is approximately equivalent to 1 € = RD $ 60. ATMs can be easily found in larger hotels, but charge a small fee. If you want to save money, you can withdraw US dollars and try to avoid exchanges on the spot. Also, pay in cash instead of credit cards whenever possible. But be aware that few businesses have banking systems because banks charge prohibitive rates. By consYou will have to make arrangements to withdraw enough money on the spot. In the Dominican Republic, tipping is not mandatory.

Transport: Flight to Toulouse-Madrid- Santo Domingo and return flight Santo Domingo-Madrid-Toulouse.

Where to sleep in Dominican Republic?

We opted for quality hotels between 50€ and 100€. Only one night cost us more in a luxury hotel that we will not mention.

Restaurant Dominican Republic

Meals outside hotels are all-inclusive, about 10 euros per person per meal. Be aware that you don’t have to go to a restaurant as there are many take away options that make it easy to eat for a small fee. I remember one takeaway, with huge fish or meat skewers, exquisite barbecues. Overall, the food is very good. A lot of meat cooked in stews. I also tried the lobsters from the Dominican Republic. Take the small size that is offered in the restaurants, it will be more than enough. Otherwise Julien discovered the plantain in Mangù (mashed green plantain with onions). We also tasted the Bandera (traditional sweet bread, beans, meat and plantain chips). The particularity: The rice dishes are always served with beans in sauce. However, you should know that the beans are in a separate ramekin.

As far as drinks are concerned, we stocked up on local rum which costs a pittance (4€ a bottle) and we never went without delicious cocktails: Margarita, Mojito, Caïpirinha, pina colada… It costs a pittance (2.5€) in general. Be careful where you go in the evening though. In Bocachica, a big seaside resort near the airport and Santo Domingo, the cocktail on the beach costs around 5 € during the day while in the evening the prices drop. Is it a local scam? Or the fact of being a simple tourist which transformed us into potential target? We will never know the answer. But one thing is sure, beware once you’re there in the tourist places. This was the only scam we saw during our stay.

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Santo Dominguo Dominican Republic

The capital has beautiful buildings, from El Parque Coló (the park in the colonial area) to the Basilica of Santa Maria La Menor in the colonial district. When we arrive at the airport, the easiest way is to take an Uber to reach the city center of Santo Domingo. We are finally in Santo Domingo, the capital of the country! We reach our friendly hotel where the welcome is done by a very nice Frenchman who immediately advises you on the places of the national district where to go to eat, the places to visit in the colonial district. The time to settle in and here we go to discover the colonial district while the sun is already setting. The atmosphere is warm and the nightlife can start as we take our first marks in the city. We had a

u the opportunity to experience a street concert in the city centre. Not to mention the waterfront just a few blocks from downtown.

If you pass by Santo Domingo, you will know that there is a concert every month, on Sunday evening from 7pm to 11:30pm, in front of the ruins of San Francisco, in the center of the colonial city of Santo Domingo. The Colonial Center is one of the most pleasant places in the city, and I understand better why it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! The Santo Domingo market is a great place to buy colors, photos and souvenirs. Although for my part I preferred the very pleasant coasts. The waterfront has been redeveloped and offers a beautiful place for a walk.

Las Terrenas Dominican


After a 3 hours bus ride, we finally arrived in Las Terrenas. In fact, not really. We are outside Las Terrenas, in a train station. When we arrive it rains a lot. We opt for an Uber to reach the city center and the hotel. Our ecolodge which has a swimming pool will be our refuge in Las Terrenas. The Pïca de flor is a great ecolodge, with a remarkable welcome from this Italian and this Danish woman. Here, we feel good automatically. We find ourselves in a fabulous lodge with a large terrace equipped with a sitting area and a hammock which will be my spot to rest. We slept in this charming bungalow in the heart of Las Terrenas, surrounded by palm trees, only a few steps from the pool and the sea. Here, it is first class services


The first evening, we enjoy the fabulous beach. And, first slap in the face: the sky is on fire, at sunset time. What to immortalize this magnificent moment! It will be a symphony of colors … We take the opportunity to stop drinking a pina colada and a rum with sugar cane syrup for Julien. Before trying to sleep. Because yes, the first night, we sleep only when the birds agree to be silent! Incredible, no? The next day, we prefer to opt for a cool day to rest a little.

The following day, we leave to explore Las Terrenas and its fine sand beaches. We find a spot in the shade of palm trees and enjoy this moment of idleness. Many water activities are also available: sailing, catamarans, scuba diving, kayaking but for the moment, we are really far from that. Las Terranas used to be a fishing village before becoming a real seaside resort.

Samanà Island

We decide to explore more Las Terrenas and the Samanà Peninsula. It is a string of beautiful beaches aligned and stuck to each other. Between Fronton, Madame, Rincon, you will have a large choice to spread your beach towel. Impossible to get bored. The number of activities is impressive. For example, you can leave to explore el Limon, an impressive waterfall of 50 meters high after more than an hour of hiking.

Dominican Republic in visual

<img width=”1024″ height=”768″ src=”https://www.jet-lag-trips.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Aves-1024×768.jpg” alt=”Los haitises, the attraction to seer in Dominican Republic” />Los haitises, l'attraction à voir en République DominicaineLos haitises, the attraction to see in Dominican Republic Les fruits et légumesLes fruits et légumesFruits and vegetables Vue aérienne République DominicaineVue aérienne République DominicaineAerial view Dominican Republic Coucher de soleil à las TerrenasCoucher de soleil à las TerrenasSunset in Las Terrenas