To travel well, you must prepare your stay, your suitcase and not neglect your travel outfit which must be comfortable, pleasant and stylish. We can then ask ourselves which outfits (without forgetting the accessories) to choose to be well.

Bien s'habiller pour bien voyagerBien s'habiller pour bien voyager

A perfect outfit for traveling

Several criteria are to be taken into account during a trip whether it is long or short. When traveling by train or plane, the air conditioning can make the temperature vary significantly. So even if it’s hot outside, don’t forget to bring a woman’s sweater or a woman’s vest to cover up if you have a neighbor who’s a fan of fresh air. It’s all about dressing well to travel well. Don’t hesitate to look and observe the looks on the street that you like. These clothes can be a source of inspiration. Taking inspiration from outfits available on the blogosphere and social networks is also a great way to find your style.

Women love fashion and love to wear beautiful clothes, and the choice of fashion accessories enhances their charm. Beauty, trend and expressing your individuality through the way you dress are the issues of this category dedicated to fashion. According to your style, your desires, your age or your style, find the clothes and fashion accessories that fit you and enhance your femininity. Browse this article to discover these fashion tips, as well as reliable advice on how to dress well. Learn more about choosing a handbag color, for example.

Woman dress well

To look good, it can be very useful to opt for a top made of natural material (linen, silk, cotton…) that will prevent you from sweating. Ladies should avoid crop tops. You have to lift your arms very often and this can create small and unpleasant incidents with your clothes. For reference, a working girl outfit with a shirt and a fitted jacket will be more suitable for an office and a professional meeting than a pair of faded jeans with a printed t-shirt and sneakers, or a chic dress or a tight miniskirt for a romantic date. We opt for a nice designer handbag, a mini skirt, slippers and we assume our look proudly.

Clothing shape

The first thing to keep in mind is to be comfortable in your clothes while traveling. Wherever you go you will appreciate feeling good in your clothes. Therefore, make sure you take clothes thats large enough, comfortable.

Knowing how to dress

Some of you often say that fashion is too expensive. But be inspired by what you see. Without having the label mentioning the brand, you will find outfits in less expensive brands that are inspired by the big brands. You don’t have to wear Chanel to be fashionable! Even among fashionistas, figuring out how to get to work or a date in the morning can be a headache. Between the difficulty of getting out of bed and the lack of inspiration to put your clothes away in a few minutes, daily comfort is not obvious. So know that with a few tips, Jet-lag Magazine can help you get dressed quickly in the morning. How to get dressed today without putting aside your taste in clothes and style?

I don’t know how to get dressed

Some people easily admit that they don’t know how to dress. However, it doesn’t take much to find a style that will suit you. Find outfits adapted to your activities, bet on clothes adapted to your budget. There’s no need to break the bank to look good!

Dress according to your body type

Others swear by methodology. Depending on your body shape, there is a type of look that will suit you. All you have to do is know your body type and adapt your outfits. We will find specific examples with Christina Cordula who does not hesitate to classify you according to the type of morphology you have.

Dressing well in summer

In summer, with the summer temperatures, we opt for clothes with less heavy materials. Lighter, the clothes opt for materials that adapt to the temperatures.

Clothes adapted to your morphology

Well-kept clothes start with well-fitted and well-cut clothes. Each piece of clothing that makes up your outfit should fit your body shape and form perfectly to accentuate your figure.

Always choose your clothes carefully: they should not be too tight or too loose. Before buying clothes, make sure you take the time to try them on to find the style that suits you best.

  • The top should fall perfectly over your shoulders, hug your chest and flatter you without wrinkling. Stockings should follow the curve of your legs and hips, not be too tight or too loose.
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Quality clothing

Dressing well without investing in a lot of pieces: the best way is to create a minimal dressing room composed of a few quality basics and a few original pieces.

  • Basics: Shirts or blouses, straight or slim jeans, blazers, carrot or pipe pants, denim dresses, straight dresses, flat shoes or stylish heels. Bring a touch of originality and create a unique style by focusing on prints and colors. Dare for example a shirt with a tropical print, flowing pants with a palm tree print, slim saffron yellow pants, a scarf or a scarf with an ethnic print.

The right color combination

To dress well, you must also know how to balance colors and match outfits harmonious. Elegance is often synonymous with balance and sobriety. To avoid over coloring, we recommend combining one or two basic shades (white, black, navy, beige, etc.) with stronger shades. For monochromatic outfits, you can also reject strong colors in several shades. Golden rule: Do not use more than 3 colors to compose your outfit.

That is to say: the color of makeup and jewelry counts too! You can simply enhance a sober outfit with pink or bright red lipstick, a gorgeous manicure or very flashy jewelry.

Our advice

Here’s the advice your costume designer will give you: don’t be afraid to wear layers! Simply wearing a jacket, blazer, kimono or trendy cardigan over your top can enhance your image and give your outfit a little extra flair.

This tip is easy to use in the summer and you can also use it in the winter. For example, you can wear a perfect coat, jacket or blazer under an open coat. Then you will see how much glamour the presence of the third layer brings to your silhouette.

While the ability to always dress well is based on these 4 main rules, don’t forget that style is also about attitude. Dress comfortably and wear clothes that feel like you to ensure that you always dress appropriately, no matter what the situation!

Prepare your clothes the night before

The first tip for thinking about what to wear in the morning is to prepare your clothes before you go to bed the night before. This is a sort of “binder” method that parents are used to imposing on their children. So the idea is to prepare everything in the evening to know how to get dressed, not to forget anything the next day, but above all, to stay calm while sleeping a few extra minutes in the morning. By adopting this technique, you can calmly prepare the next day’s outfit without any headaches. You’ll have plenty of time to figure out how the clothes relate to each other for stylish, elegant and most importantly comfortable results. Of course, what you plan to do during the day and your activities will affect the composition of your outfit. If necessary, after choosing the right outfit, don’t hesitate to do a few quick fittings, this will help you know how to dress, preferably with jewelry, shoes and accessories to validate your choice and see if it fits harmoniously into the whole. To save even more time, consider putting the garment directly on the chair when you find the perfect combination. This will save you from having to go through the dressing rooms and drawers again for each piece. The next day, all you have to do is get dressed without wasting time thinking about what to wear.

Consider the situation

Another way to figure out what to wear in the morning is to consider your situation that day. In other words, you dress according to what you have to do during the day. For reference, women’s work clothes with a shirt and fitted jacket are best.It’s better to wear a pair of faded jeans with a printed t-shirt and sneakers to the office or on a romantic date with a stylish dress. There’s no point in wearing pajamas even if you’re at home all day. Take the time to find something comfortable and stylish, wear jogging pants and tracksuits with pockets that allow for minimal style. Surprisingly, the day of the week will also help you figure out what to wear. On Monday, you’ll wear a feminine outfit with a long sleeve top, midi skirt and high heels. On weekends, the outfit is a little more casual, including 7/8 pants, a flowing printed shirt and flat loafers. Also, don’t forget to check the weather forecast. It’s a shame to go out in the freezing rain in a flowing dress and open-toed sandals.

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Wardrobe Basics

Wardrobe basics are invaluable allies if you don’t know what to wear in the morning. They are simple but effective clothes that fit your body perfectly. So the idea was to play it safe by creating a zero defect look. For example, we can rely on the famous white shirt, and it’s a must-have for work and dress. You should know that this dress can be worn in a thousand and one ways. The look ideas are endless. You can pair it with elegantly flattering pencil skirts, ruffled skirts, high-waisted shorts and opaque leggings for a fresh and modern look, or simply with your favorite jeans for a casual and comfortable look. Also know that you can break the routine and classic look by simply rolling up your sleeves. Denim is also a safe option that can help you easily create a variety of looks.

How to wear a jumpsuit?

Jumpsuits are also a true fashion ally if morning inspiration is lacking. This time it’s about pieces that are almost self-sufficient, such as jumpsuits, dresses or even pants and jackets in various colors and cuts. With this type of clothing, you do not need to think about other pieces that should go with it. Of course, to revive the outfit and ensure a contemporary, original and stylish look, you need to match it with accessories. Yet, it is obvious that wearing them alone could make your look bland. To know how to wear a fitted jumpsuit, wear a nice belt, heels and a stylish clutch, or wear a long dress with a sweater or layered jewelry. In the morning, a simple cuff or bib necklace can keep you from dressing lazily.

Elegant outfit

When it comes to bottoms, it’s best to choose cuts that don’t constrict. Several hours on a plane in a woman’s skinny will cause pain in the legs and can impede your blood circulation. And this applies to both men’s and women’s pants. A soft material (cotton is ideal), a wide cut, boyfrien typed woman and you will travel at best. Sure values of the wardrobe, the pants will be worn with a white or colored tee-shirt if you like to follow the trends. But opt for neutral colors preferably. It will always be a safe bet for the summer.

Elegant style

A woman’s jacket can complete the outfit. A woman’s casual denim model will be the best effect, both cool and chic. A woman’s poncho can also be a good idea to dress up! Opt for a mini skirt to highlight your legs for example. So many fashion tips that you will find in the latest edition of Jet-lag Magazine. You’ll have plenty of time to understand how clothing pieces are linked together for stylish, elegant and most importantly comfortable results. Be careful, though, not to reveal too much in some countries of the world. That would not be tolerated.

And the accessories?

Let’s start with shoes. Even though traveling often means spending long hours sitting down, you also have to walk to get to the boarding gate. And it’s often a long walk. So it’s best to bring comfortable shoes. Women’s sneakers, slippers or flat sandals will be perfect in summer. Women’s boots or high-top sneakers will be well seen in winter. We’re full of little tricks to dress well.

The choice of handbags, jewelry or a belt, scarf or hair accessory will complete your look and add a little extra to dress well or not. Prefer a pair of earrings to put the focus on your smile for example.

Dressing advice

On the practical side, don’t forget the small indispensable accessories, like for example, a nice card holder or purse for women. Because we often have to pay for a drink at the bar while waiting for our plane, a cab ride… Don’t forget the suitcase or the handbag is the basis. A practical and light model will be perfect. And to add some style to your outfit, why not opt for a branded model?

My outfit

You can also invest in a connected watch that is authorized by some airlines. A women’s essential that will perfectly complement your outfit to look good.

The right look for first class travel

Would you like to be upgraded? If you’re a regular traveler, you already know that it’s not easy. But we have a little advice for you: look good. Being stylish can actually help you get upgraded! Opt for chic materials (like cashmere) and a classic style (no ultra short, fluorescent or tight-fitting outfits) nicely enhanced with trendy but sober accessories like a beautiful pachmina scarf or a high-end designer bag. A bit of luck and a beautiful woman’s outfit will be unmatched assets to travel upgraded.

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How to wear a favorite outfit?

Favorite outfits can also save you in the morning when you don’t know what to wear. So, as the name suggests, it’s a look or a few spare pieces that you always think of when inspiration breaks, like a pair of fetish pants, a figure-flattering skirt that you’ll feel comfortable wearing, or a full A-line jacket that fits your form. These clothes are suitable for almost any situation and are guaranteed to look serious, comfortable and perfectly suited to your style. You can easily put them on in the morning when your eyes are still half closed or when you don’t have time to think about what to wear. The pieces that make up a favorite outfit are usually timeless pieces that you are used to wearing and can easily be combined with each other. Don’t be afraid to create ready-to-wear “kits” so you don’t have to wonder “what to wear today?”

Create the look with one garment

Looking around a garment can help you get dressed quickly in the morning. It’s a piece of clothing you’ve worn that will make you feel comfortable in any situation. This garment will then serve as the foundation for your outfit. This can be shirts, pants or shoes. Then select other elements of this piece that make up your outfit. Basically, if you choose an outfit that makes you feel confident, it will be easier for you to know how to dress and choose other pieces that complete your look.

A tidy wardrobe

A neat wardrobe will help you understand how to dress for the day or a special occasion. A well-organized closet will inspire you to choose your clothes. In this case, clothes should be sorted by category, i.e. pants with pants, dresses with dresses, etc. Feel free to sort them by color, from light to dark, and don’t forget to separate plain clothes from prints. Also make sure to always organize the wardrobe according to the current season, this is especially useful to understand how to dress in the morning. There’s no point in having a big sweater on hand in the summer. In addition to saving valuable space, you can also avoid piles of unnecessary clothes.

How to dress well in 2022?

In the trend department, fall-winter 2021-2022 fashion mixes revisited basics and small novelties. In the fashion shows, we find strong prints, such as the houndstooth or plaid, which appear on jackets, pants, skirts and even fashion accessories.

How to dress well every day?

We bet on:

  • Clothes that are not too loose.
  • Clothes are neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Adapt your clothes to your morphology.
  • emphasize your shape.
  • Look at yourself in the mirror.
  • Select the part of the body you want to highlight.
  • never miniskirts, cleavage + tummy

How to look good?

  • Know your color palette. …
  • Accept your weight and shape. …
  • Analyze and categorize your wardrobe. …
  • Find the right distance from the trend. …
  • Renovation, critical moment. …
  • Choose a consultant to trust. …
  • Prioritize according to needs and opportunities4

How to look good?

  • Roll up your jeans. …
  • Roll up your sleeves. …
  • Fasten your belt. …
  • Unbutton your shirt slightly. …
  • Show your shoulders. …
  • Wear lace-up shoes. …
  • Tie the jacket around your waist.

What to wear today?

A light shirt or summer tee-shirt under a sweater or fleece jacket is necessary depending on the expected temperature. You can also add shawls or cashmere sweaters, very functional, to put on or take off depending on the temperature, and it’s always stylish!