BCD Travel According to a study published by BCD Travel, the majority of business travellers (60%) want to go back to business travel

In the run-up to the Olympic fortnight, the key issue in business travel these days is whether business travellers will go back to the airport in the long term, or whether they will stick to their new video-conferencing

habits. This August 19, BCD Travel is the new competitor to appear on the starting line. With a reassuring observation: business travel still arouses an appetite that is not replaced by virtual ersatz. The business travel agency surveyed no less than 738 business travellers around the world, the majority of whom (60%) intend to return to business travel. However, a quarter of respondents (26%) said they wanted to reduce their travel volumes, with one in ten (9%) wanting to make up for lost time by travelling more.

This need for mobility is explained in particular by a relative frustration with virtual communication methods. Among the criticisms levelled at videoconferencing solutions are the lack of human contact (66%), limited interaction (58%), more common distraction (54%), and the unsuitability of the channel for certain types of meeting (51%). In addition, after more than a year of systematic use, business travelers report “Zoom fatigue” and persistent technological problems (49%)


empowering employees to make their own travel decisions

“Face-to-face meetings remain not only essential to achieving business objectives, but also to satisfying companies’ need for efficiency and human interaction,” said Mike Janssen, Global Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer at BCD Travel. ” With millions more vaccines being administered every day, a majority of teams are ready to hit the road again, despite the recent spikes in the variant. In a post-pandemic environment, companies must continue to provide guidance. To remain an attractive employer in this rapidly changing environment, they also need to consider empowering employees to make their own travel decisions

,” adds Janssen.

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This need for autonomy is indeed reflected in the results of the BCD Travel survey. For example, when it comes to post-Covid travel policies, employees want to be able to decide for themselves whether to travel (64%), while benefiting from an easier travel approval process (58%). The use of direct flights is also favoured by the majority of respondents (53%).

However, as the president of BCD M reminds us

eetings & Events, Scott Graf ” While in some parts of the world the pandemic is slowly receding, other regions may continue to rely on virtual meetings. Event organizers need to enhance their offerings with a new skill set that allows them to compensate for the weaknesses of virtual meetings, such as lack of interaction. Training or outsourced support may be the solution to keep employees focused and motivated in an increasingly challenging environment.”