BCD TravelFor its study on the well-being of business travelers, BCD Travel surveyed 875 people worldwide from February 18 to March 4

. Regularly cited as a priority by companies

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field of business travel, the issue of business travelers’ well-being remains more relevant than ever. A BCD Travel study conducted last February and March provides some information on the current situation of business travelers, on the measures taken within companies, and on the avenues for improvement to be studied. All this while taking into account certain methodological parameters, notably the predominance of the North American sample, representing 69% of those surveyed against 17% for the EMEA zone and 14% in APAC, or that of generation X (51% of those surveyed against 35% for baby-boomers and 14% of millenials).

According to the study published by BCD Travel, the well-being of business travelers is taken into account in one case out of two. In fact, 51% of respondents report that the company has put in place support in this area. However, it is important to know how to accompany the traveler to help him/her deal with the friction points before, during and after the trip. The timing of the survey means that regulations and restrictions

on international travel, linked to the health crisis, are cited as the main source of stress by business travelers (54%). Booking an alternative flight in case of cancellation (44%) and balancing business and personal life (41%) are the other two priority challenges for travelers. On this last point, allowing bleisure (54%) and additional recovery time on return from the trip (53%) would be areas for improvement, as would the possibility of inviting one or more family members during a business trip (50%). BCD Travel The main sources of stress during a business trip according to the study published by BCD Travel

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As for the aspects of the travel policy that contribute most effectively to this well-being issue, the recipe for success seems relatively unchanged… A direct flight (70%) on which the traveler can choose his or her seat (59%), and at the end of which he or she will reach a strategically located hotel (58%). Access to fast-track for security checks (58%) and business class for long-haul flights (54%) are also popular. As a logical consequence of this ranking, complex – because they are short – stopovers (53%) are among the main sources of stress for business travelers, after flight cancellations or delays (64%) and ahead of long-haul travel

economy class (40%).

Another finding of the BCD Travel study is that expense management remains a sensitive issue for business travelers. It is still the second most common source of post-travel stress (45%), along with catching up on work (51%) and household chores (39%)…notes

Florian Guillemin