What: Active Adventures and Austin Adventures combine

Montana’s Austin Adventures and Active Adventures, based in Queenstown (New Zealand), announced their merger. The two companies specialize in small-group adventures delivered with a personal touch. With the merger, more people will be able to enjoy a wider range of destinations and experiences around the world.

Why It Matters: Consolidation Can Make Good Business Sense

Each brand brings its own specialties and experiences to form an expanded, unified collection of adventure opportunities across the globe. Active Adventures will now be able to book Austin Adventures tours on their website. Advisors can also access Active Adventures unique hiking, biking, and kayaking experiences in New Zealand and South America via the Austin Adventures website.

Consolidating tour operators like this makes sense in today’s business environment. It allows companies to diversify their offerings, add new expertise, mitigate risk and streamline back-end services. Advisors are also given new opportunities, while still being associated with a trusted brand.

Fast facts

– Both companies anticipate that the merger will result in more than 100 new adventures trips across the globe, more departure dates throughout the year, and two customer service departments operating in different time zones. Active Adventures will offer

– Austin Adventures tours for booking. This includes specific family departures and adventures in the USA, Canada, and Central America. Active Adventures will offer unique experiences in hiking, biking, and kayaking in New Zealand and South America, Europe and the Himalayas, as well as Africa, via their website.

What They Are Saying

“We were founded in different countries, yet our companies have very similar stories,” said Dan Austin, founder of Austin Adventures. “Each company is like one family Each business is like one family. Now we have one larger family .

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“Travel today is not just about choosing a destination. It’s all about how we travel, Wendy van Lieshout (CEO of Active Adventures) said. It’s about spending precious time together, creating lifetime memories, inspiring others and connecting with people and the environment around us. It’s about trusting the company with which you share this journey — knowing that every detail will be taken care to make it a memorable one. We needed to find a partner brand that would expand our customer base to offer more adventure experiences. Just like us, Austin Adventures was born out of a deep passion for sharing authentic, curated and inspirational adventure experiences with their guests.”

The Details

Active Adventures

Austin Adventures