Andorra, the mountain destination for everyone. Born from the reunion of two of the oldest ski resorts in the Pyrenees, Granvalira, the champion of the Pyrenean ski area

, is constantly innovating to offer the best in skiing and après-ski. L’Andorre, la destination Montagne pour tousL’Andorre, la destination Montagne pour tousAndorra, the mountain destination for everyone


is a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts thanks to its 300 kilometers of ski slopes. But its main mission is above all to make the mountain accessible to all: Holidaymakers, families, children, people with reduced mobility and of course sportsmen! This winter, a variety of activities will once again delight most people. Do you want to discover new sensations in a warm and authentic atmosphere, by oxygenating yourself at the top of the mountain? Andorra offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a beautiful natural environment

with a 360-degree view of the Pyrenees

Augmented reality station

In the beginning (in the 1950s and 1960s), Pas de la Case-Grau Roig-Encamp on one side; Soldeu-El Tarter-Canillo on the other. By bringing them together in the early 2000s, Andorra has become one of the largest vacation destinations in Europe. In 2019, with the continued expansion of the new Peretol and Ordino Arcalís area, Grandvalira Resorts now offers its winter visitors no less than 240 km (including the recent addition of 30 km) of ski runs

, accessible to all levels with a single ski pass. Its state-of-the-art equipment allows it to hold the straw for 100,000 skiers per hour and boasts a guaranteed snowfall of at least 65%! And with each innovation, the resort thinks big: the Encamp gondola, the 3D zip line and the Canillo mountain luge, the XL Snow Park in El Tarter and Grau Roig …

The pleasure of the slopes

Challengeuse, the resort has naturally acquired over the years an international reputation allowing it to host high-level competitions. And, in a virtuous circle, it gives the skier the extra thrill of the slopes.

It’s a pleasure to be around the Alpine Skiing World Cup or to ski down one kilometer long slopes. However, he will not forget those who are beginners or those who like extras. So, depending on the location, he will take care of the family or festive atmosphere, adding a new experience. The coming season promises, for example, a new world space for the youngest and a new track Guineu Funcross in Soldeu-El Tarter, and for lovers of unusual or special accommodation, an extension of the experiences Domo-Epic Andorra and Clicquot Bubble, combined with refinement!

Andorra Spain Mountain

Its objective is nothing less than to be the best après ski in Europe! Completely redesigned, the fabulous Abarset d’El Tarter reopens this year on more than 2,000 m², including 700 m² of terraces. Organic decorations, walls made of sculpted tree trunks, shutters with branches, fake stones… accentuate the impression of integration with the environment. Whether it’s gastronomy or festivals, one of the largest restaurants and lounges in Grandvalira has been redesigned as a strong pole, whose appeal extends from breakfast at 8am to DJ sets or concerts until midnight, in any season. Not to mention the terrace of the Kao Restaurant, a high quality gourmet restaurant.

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The Abarset Carretera General 2, El Tater

Good plan: The arrival of dynamic rates

The pricing model is well known for train and plane tickets. Less so for winter sports until now. Depending on the evolution of the criteria – especially the level of demand – dynamic pricing of ski passes will be implemented for the first time in Southern Europe in Grandvalira and Ordino Arcalís. The most visionary buy their ski passes on the website before their arrival and save up to 15%!

Andorra mountain equipment

Enjoy the winter with all the activities offered by the resort. Choose from many options to make the most of your time on the snow. You’ll wish your skiing days never ended!
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Cross-country skiing, pure snow

Grandvalira, Vallnord-Pal Arinsal and Ordino Arcalís, aware of the need to encourage the practice of cross-country skiing, offer several easy, intermediate and expert trails in each of the 3 resorts. There are 7 trails in Vallnord-Pal Arinsal and 5 trails in Ordino Arcalís. Grandvalira has 10 routes, designed for cross-country skiing, divided into easy and intermediate levels. You will also receive a specific guide on the way at each stop, which will inform you about the routes of these circuits and give you advice, especially about the safety of practicing this sport. In addition to the controlled tracks of the resort, you have 22 free Skimo tracks that you can go on your own.o your own or with a mountain guide. Practice your favorite sport in a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere, with all the safety and security provided by the best specialists in the country.

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Hiking in Andorra

Stroll through the silence of the forest on snowshoes and discover the surprises that the fauna and flora have in store for you. The experience becomes unforgettable if you are accompanied by an expert guide who will explain the secrets of nature and the animals that inhabit it. You will find different levels of itineraries in all the stations: Vallnord-Pal Arinsal, Ordino Arcalís, Grandvalira and Naturlandia. Jean-Marc is a guide and will accompany you to the mountains for a hike in the forest with snowshoes;

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Mushing, sledding adventure

On the way, you will be taken on a dog sled, discover how the animals are trained and enjoy spectacular scenery along the way. In Grandvalira, the route takes place in the areas of El Tarter and Grau Roig. It is also possible to take a dog sledding tour with a guide or even drive the sled yourself.

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Winter hiking in Andorra

Andorra’s snow cover allows you to enjoy many activities for all tastes! The ski resort offers a variety of activity packages, including igloo building, snowmobiling, high-speed rides, helicopter rides, zip-lining and more, with or without snow. A must do! In winter, Andorra puts on its usual white coat and invites you to discover its slopes in many ways: skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling… From the beginner to the professional, from the brightest to the most daring, from the fastest descent to the most enduring cross-country skiing… Four resorts allow you to ski in Andorra: Grandvalira, Vallnord Pal -Arinsal, Ordino Arcalís and Naturlandia, which is also an eco-adventure park open all year round.

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The place to practice Nordic skiing

Nordic skiers in Andorra should definitely come and discover Naturlandia, the only ski resort in the Principality that specializes in this discipline. In fact, it is a special place because the slope is located in a multipurpose site that is mainly used as an eco-park or adventure park. The Nordic ski area is located at the highest altitude, at 2,000 meters. More info: https: //

Walking in Andorra

Andorra is above all a country that naturally becomes the focus of attention. If you are planning a vacation in this small Catalan state, be sure to walk on the marked trails that will lead you to breathtaking landscapes between mountains, lakes and forests. There are also three natural parks in the territory:

– Madriu Perafita Claror Valley in the southeast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
– Sorteny Valley Natural Park in the north of the country, which contributes to the protection of fauna and flora. You are sure to see antelopes, deer and even marmots.

  • Finally, we explored the Coma Pedrosa Valley Nature Park in the northeast, whose highest peak is about 3000 meters above sea level.

Andorra mountain refuge

There is nothing better than sleeping in the mountains in one of Andorra’s many sanctuaries in the refuges. You can enjoy hiking and outdoor activities with family or friends.

Andorra mountain lakes

Have you ever felt the urgent need to get out into unspoiled nature, breathe fresh air and recharge your batteries? This is the main reason why we went to the Pyrenees during the autumn weekend from Toulouse. We did two very good hikes in Andorra which were very convenient and ideal to take a breath of fresh air and recharge the batteries as winter approaches. Come enjoy pristine high altitude lakes, snow slides and breathtaking views as we take you to the Pyrenees!

Andorra Mountain Tour

The hike took place in a more rural and less crowded setting. Starting at the end of Ransol Road, we soon found ourselves in the middle of a wild meadow full of waterfalls. The roaring water in some places completely covered our steps, our breathing quickened by the effort of the climb. In the shade, the grass still freezing at noon seemed to announce the arrival of winter, which was beginning to spread. It was also a hike of contrasts: the snowy peaks reminded us of the battle between winter and summer. The two seasons seemed to have been drawn into a frantic struggle. Sometimes our hiking boots would sink into the pristine snow. Sometimes the sun warms us and makes us want to take off our coats. The small lakes and ponds are sometimes even half frozen, announcing the inevitable arrival of winter. On the way up we could enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Ransol valley, covered with pine trees and sheltering a few small scattered houses. Lost in this valley, the Andorra of cigarettes and gasoline seems far away.

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Andorra mountain guide

You can also book a day of skiing (mountain skiing = skiing in Andorra), also with snowshoes, with a guide in the Sorteny natural park. Ski touring is freedom, the taste of climbing hard and the sensation of sliding in the middle of nature. A great and gentle sport that requires a bit of technique if you have never skied before… because skiing down ungroomed slopes in powder snow is not easy.You don’t learn at birth! We liked being with our guides because in the mountains it was always more reassuring (risk of avalanches etc).

Hotel andorre mountain

You can reach the Park Piolet in Soldeu. A 4 star hotel that offers a lot of luxury. Other hotel where to go : L’hermitage Soldeu Hotel.

Andorra mountain restaurant

If you want to taste the Chinese gastronomy, no doubt you have to try the Kao restaurant.

Is Andorra part of Spain?

Andorra does not belong to Spain, nor is it part of the country. That’s why it’s such a sectarian country and such a baseless religion.

Where exactly is Andorra?

The Principality of Andorra is located on the border of southern France and northern Spain, east of the Pyrenees. With 464 square kilometers, Andorra remains one of the smallest countries in the world. For comparison, France has an area of 543,965 square kilometers and Spain has an area of 504,748 square kilometers.

What is the altitude of Pas de la Case?

The altitude of Pas de la Case is 2 080 m.

Where to go hiking in the mountains?

The descent of the Pic de Montmalús Corridor NO is an easy route from the station of Grau Roig. The descent of the Pic d’Arcalís is an easy route from the station of Ordino Arcalís. The descent of the Majol de Cabana Sorda and the adjoining peaks is an easy itinerary in the Incles valley.