American-Express convertit une large part de sa gamme de cartes Corporate au plastique recyclé.American-Express is converting a large part of its corporate card range to recycled plastic.

How can a company specializing in payment methods, which are by nature less polluting than air transport or car rentals, help to reduce the carbon impact of companies? American Express is committing itself at its own level, starting with its most obvious offering, the payment card. Thus, the French market – and within it, companies and individuals – will have the world’s first opportunity to progressively deploy a card made of recycled plastic.

Manufactured in France, and using 85% plastic from industrial waste, these cards – excluding the chip and antenna – generate 36% less CO2 than virgin plastic cards. The Green Corporate, Platinum Corporate, Green Consumer and Gold Consumer card ranges are already available in recycled plastic versions and will be available to new customers, while existing cardholders will benefit from them when their cards expire, or when they are renewed in the event of loss or theft. In total, 16 of the 18 plastic card lines offered to businesses and individuals in France will migrate to recycled plastic by the end of 2022.

While France is leading the way, this change is part of a global program to ensure that the vast majority of plastic cards issued are made of at least 70% recycled or recovered plastic by the end of 2024. This will avoid ” the use of 80 tons of virgin plastic per year worldwide

“, says American Express.

In addition to the eco-responsible shift in payment methods for travelers, American Express will enhance the reporting of expenditure information to better evaluate the carbon footprint of companies. While the figures provided so far only concern air travel, other areas of business travel – rail, car rental, hotels, catering – will be included in the course of the year, through a more global dashboard. In addition, a comparison by category and by sector of activity will enable companies to better identify opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of their business travel.

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At the same time, American Express explains that it supports large companies in France ” in auditing their business travel policies ” while recommending solutions to optimize the reduction of their carbon footprint. In this context, since last April, companies of all sizes, as well as individuals, can support the Courances forest restoration project in Essonne, supported by Reforest’Action. And this simply by giving Membership Rewards points, 500 points equivalent to

to a preserved tree.

But the good advice given to others, American Express is also applying it to itself, since this key player in corporate payments committed in 2021 to achieve internally zero net carbon emissions by 2035 at the global level. ” This is fifteen years earlier than the deadline set by the Paris Climate Agreement,” the company points out.