If you have ever considered switching from a standard cruise to a luxury cruise, the price tag may have given you pause. However, luxury cruise vacations usually offer passengers excellent value for money, considering all the perks that are built into the price of the cruise. Discover more information more about luxury cruise travel

and its benefits in this article. Tout savoir sur les croisières de luxeTout savoir sur les croisières de luxe All about luxury cruises

Why choose a luxury cruise over a standard cruise?

The price of a luxury cruise is often confusing. But do a price calculation between a luxury cruise and a standard cruise: Take the fare for a standard cruise, add in extra costs such as drink packages, specialty restaurant fees, Wi-Fi packages, shore excursions, spa and beauty treatments, laundry services and more, then compare that figure to the fare for a luxury cruise, which already accounts for many, if not all, of these costs.

A cruise on a high-end ship

may seem like a huge investment, but the price you’d pay on an intimate luxury ship is well worth it for all the benefits you get.

Unlike a standard cruise, you are more likely to have an unforgettable experience on a luxury cruise, as luxury cruise lines excel in providing a high level of personalized service. You are guaranteed to have an enjoyable holiday as you would on a Caribbean cruise


The benefits of a luxury cruise

Luxury cruising offers several advantages.

Luxury transportation

While conventional cruise lines usually provide bus transportation from the airport to the port and back, luxury cruise lines offer more polished transportation in the form of

s, shared vans, taxis and private cars.

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Personalized service

In order to maintain a high level of excellence, the crew members are trained to anticipate the needs and desires of passengers. Because the staff wants you to have an exceptional trip, there is virtually no need to express your requests, as the crew has probably already done it for you, whether it’s steaming your evening gown before dinner or shining your shoes for a formal evening.

Sumptuous suites

The staterooms and suites on luxury cruise ships are more spacious than those you’ll find on a conventional cruise. And to make your suite even more enjoyable, it comes with a granite or marble bathroom with a full bathtub and shower, and designer toiletries.

All accommodations aboard a luxury cruise are ocean view suites, and the majority of them come with a balcony. If you’re cruising to scenic destinations, access to the outdoors from your cabin will be a must.

Luxury amenities

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to relax on board these ships? You’ll find elegant spas and luxurious treatments on these ships.

Fine dining

On cruise ships, if you have any special wishes, you can contact the maître d’, who will be happy to accommodate your request. And whether it’s local specialities or delicacies from afar, the chef can tailor a meal to suit you if you let him know in advance.

Drinks galore

Whether you’re in the bar, restaurant or lounge, most luxury cruise lines provide complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. In addition, premium coffee drinks are also complimentary in restaurants and cafes. These are perks you won’t find on a standard cruise.

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Special events

Luxury cruises offer the opportunity to participate in events on board the ships. Movie nights, sightseeing, various leisure activities, unique weddings etc. Some luxury cruise lines offer free excursions to all ports and, apart from tours, some organise exclusive events. Everything is done to make your stay unique.